Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celine Dion: Newborn Twins are 'So Cute'

Celine Dion’s is a proud mom of newborn twin sons, and she and husband Rene Angelil are just smitten with the new additions to their family. The singer, who gave birth to Eddy and Nelson on October 23rd, says the little guys are already developing very different personalities.

Celine said: “They’re so cute it’s incredible. When we look at them we can’t believe it. And to have them here at home – it’s all we could wish for.”

Rene added: “One is more gutsy than the other. Nelson seems to have a little stronger personality right now, he’s the tougher of the two. Nelson weighed more at birth but the doctor told us in a week or two, they’re going to be the same.”

However, the couple, who also have a nine-year-old son Rene-Charles, said the twins are identical in expressing their needs. Celine told Britain’s Hello magazine: “When one cries the other cries, or they both don’t cry.”

Despite Rene thinking the babies look “very alike”, his eldest son disagrees. Rene said: “Rene-Charles came to the hospital right after his baseball game and he was thrilled. He said, ‘One looks like Dad and the other looks like Mum.’

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