Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Glee's Kurt Finally Gets His First Gay Kiss (But NOT From His Teenage Dream)

Glee fans have been speculating for weeks that McKinley High's openly gay student Kurt would get his first kiss on last night's episode. And while finally happened, it certainly didn't pan out as expected.

The scene had been set for Kurt (played by Chris Colfer) to spark up a romance with Blaine (played by Darren Criss), another gay student from a rival glee club.

Blaine charmed Kurt with his group's rendition of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream at the Dalton Academy for the Boys and a passionate moment seemed imminent.

But to the surprise of viewers it was Karofsky (played by Max Adler), a 'Neanderthal' football jock who had been subjecting Kurt to bullying about his sexuality, who locked lips with him.
Kurt was left reeling after the kiss and took Blaine to confront confused Karofsky, who responded with only aggression.
Colfer said last week that the cast had been sworn to secrecy over the kiss.

He said: "It's so big that we had a full meeting about it that we can't say anything. That's never happened before."
It wasn't the only eyebrow raising moment in the episode, titled Never Been Kissed.

Mr. Schuester (played by Matthew Morrison) gave Coach Beiste (played by Dot-Marie Jones) her first ever smooch.
The episode had already received the stamp of approval from singer Katy Perry, whose song was one of the highlights of the show.

'This just brought a sweet tear to my eye!' the singer Twittered after seeing the routine. 'Teenage Dream on GLEE makes my heart go WEEE!"

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