Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Music: Christina Aguilera's "'Not Myself Tonight"

Christina is back! Her new CD, "Bionic", will be released later this summer, but here is the first single "Not Myself Tonight" for you to enjoy!

Tell us your thoughts on this future hit.

Lady Gaga's Words of Wisdom: 'Rule the World!'

Lady Gaga is on top of the world right now with the help of her catchy tunes and outrageous ensembles, but she claims she's just a normal girl. We're not so sure we'd go that far, but we like her point: Everyone can do great things if they work at it.

She said: "I believe that everyone can do what I'm doing. Everyone can access the parts of themselves that are great. I'm just a girl from New York City who decided to do this, after all. Rule the world! What's life worth living if you don't rule it?"

However, the 24-year-old star also revealed she wasn't always sitting so pretty, especially at school.

She told New York magazine: "I was 15 to 20 pounds heavier than I am now. I would wear shirts that were low-cut, and the teachers would tell me I couldn't wear them, and I'd point to another girl who was wearing the same thing. 'Well, it looks different on her.' It wasn't fair. At that time, my breasts were much bigger, and firm, and delicious."

Then, in drama school she learned some pretty interesting skills. She explained: "I remember the first time that I drank out of an imaginary coffee cup. That's the very first thing they teach you at drama college. I can feel the rain, too, when it's not raining. I don't know if this is too much, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm. You know, sense memory is quite powerful."

Adam Lambert Details the Questions He Would Love Interviewers to Stop Asking!

Adam Lambert has only been famous for about a year, but he’s already tired of getting asked questions by reporters that he has answered time and time again. The American Idol sensation took to Twitter this week to point out which queries are starting to drive him a little nuts.

Here are the Tweets:

Just did my third German interview where I was told that I have said “I’m the male Lady Gaga”. Lol I would never say that. I’m Adam Lambert … Of course Im a fan and have the highest respect for her and there some theatrical sensibilities that we share- but we are different people. … The first question too many reporters ask has to do w GaGa. As much as I love her- it’s becoming tiresome. Would prefer to discuss MY art. … I’m sure she would agree. … More redundant questions that can be put to rest: yes it was amazing meeting Madonna. No I wasn’t asked to be Queen’s new frontman. … Aaaaand yes, I kissed Kesha. It was fun. I hope future interviewers review these tweets. I’d not, they’re twats. Hahah. … Don’t get me wrong- I actually really enjoy being interviewed. I’m not upset- just hoping that by tweeting, this questions will fade.

Paparazzi!: Fergie...So 3008!

Boom boom wow! Fergie looks so 3008 in a fierce, futuristic costume Monday night while performing with the Black Eyed Peas at L.A.'s Staples Center.

Madonna Dishes On Designing With Daughter Lourdes

So what was it like for Madonna to work together with her daughter Lourdes Leon (a.k.a. Lola) on Material Girl, their upcoming juniors’ clothing collection? Surprisingly collaborative.

“As we are working, I see her more as a creative person, as an artist,” the proud mom told the Associated Press. “Then every once in a while, I remembered that she is my daughter.”

The pop icon also revealed that the collection–which is debuting exclusively at Macy’s in August, just in time for back-to-school wardrobes–was actually the 13-year-old’s idea.

“Lola has been bothering me for ages about designing clothes,” explained the original Material Girl. And Lourdes already has good taste, as Madonna laments, “My Christian Dior shoes will go missing, and then some fabulous bag or my skinny jeans–the only pair that fit me–are gone.”

But having grown-up around fashion’s brightest stars, including Madonna pals Stella McCartney and Dolce and Gabbana, Lourdes has shown an ever-growing interest in fashion design, working in the wardrobe department on Madonna’s last two tours.

All the teenager’s aesthetic training has led to the line’s eclectic mix of patterns (cabbage roses, black and white stripes) and layerable “hard and soft elements,” like a tutu dress meant to be styled with studded combat boots or a slouchy cropped sweatshirt paired with a floral mini. And don’t forget the accessories — shoes, necklaces, and, naturally, fingerless gloves–all inspired by their mutual love of dance and music.

Happily, though, these pieces will be attainable on a teenager’s allowance, with prices ranging from $12 to $40.

As Madonna points out, “When I was 13-years-old, I couldn’t afford expensive clothing.”

Ricky Martin Thanks Fans for Their Support

A day after announcing he's gay on his website, Ricky Martin thanked his supportive Twitter fans with the following statement:

"What's going on gang? I'm doing great! Stronger than ever! I'm here relaxing @ home enjoying ur messages! I feel the love! Thanx for all! Peace."

Here is the
article we posted on our blog this past Monday with Ricky's announcement.

Chaz Bono Files Petition for Gender & Name Change

Chaz Bono underwent a sex change operation a year ago and has now filed court papers requesting that a judge officially change his name and gender on all legal documents.

Before the surgical procedure, he was known as Chastity Bono, daughter of Cher and the late Sonny Bono. Prior to discovering that she needed to be a he, Chastity lived openly as a lesbian, causing a rift with her father. She has been in a long term relationship with girlfriend, Jennifer Elia.

Bono’s doctor was required to submit a declaration to the court, acknowledging that a gender-change operation took place. A hearing on the petition is schedule for May 6th in Santa Monica, California.

Cher and her daughter turned son have a strong relationship. Mother and son were recently photographed together at an art exhibition for Cher’s other son, Elijah Blue Allman.

Did Kate Gosselin Survive Dancing?

Despite low scores from the judges and criticism from her own dance partner, Kate Gosselin escaped elimination Tuesday night from Dancing With the Stars.

Instead, Shannen Doherty got the boot even though she and partner Mark Ballas performed a crowd-pleasing Jive as a show opener Monday.

“Dancing has never been my thing,” says the Charmed star. “It’s fitting. My partner is hurt, and I wouldn’t want to go on without him.”

Had Doherty not been bounced, Ballas was going to have to take a six-week break because of a serious leg injury.

Although Gosselin survived, the reality TV star, 35, has her work cut out for her. The mom of eight sparred with partner Tony Dovolani over his teaching methods during rehearsals Monday, with the dance pro so frustrated he threatened to quit.

They patched things up just in time to perform a Jive that judge Bruno Tonioli labeled “a disaster.”

Also getting to dance another round was 80-year-old Buzz Aldrin. The former astronaut and partner Ashly Costa landed at the bottom of the scoring pile Monday despite a warm audience response to their foxtrot.

The Twilight Sage will Continue...

Twilight fans thirsting for more were heartbroken when author Stephenie Meyer announced she would no longer be publishing Midnight Sun, the story of Twilight as told through the eyes of undead leading man Edward Cullen.

But on Tuesday the best-selling author revealed plans to add a different fifth installment to The Twilight Saga – The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, a novella following one of Eclipse's newborn vampires.

"Her story is a nice complement to Eclipse," Meyer wrote on her official Web site. "It explains a lot of the things that Bella never knew.

The 192-page book, which during filming was used as a reference guide by the cast and crew of Eclipse, will be released in a hardcover edition on June 5th, with $1 from every purchase going to benefit the American Red Cross. It will also be available for free online at from June 7th to July 5th.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ugly Betty Stars Struggle With Final Scenes

Actors Mark Indelicato and Michael Urie are struggling to bid farewell to Ugly Betty as they film their final scenes for the hit TV show.

The pair was left stunned when ABC executives announced in January that the sitcom's current fourth season will be its last. And as they both step on set for the last time this week, the stars admit they're still coming to terms with the sad news.

Indelicato writes on his personal page, "Can't believe that tomorrow is the second to last day of shooting. This rain is saying something about the end of Ub (Ugly Betty).

"Just realised that I don't have a job in 2 days.......okay. Actually, I haven't Just realised this, I just keep realising it over and over again."

Urie adds, "Tomorrow morning is my last Ugly Betty scene evah (ever)! Think if I don't show up, it'll mean they can't cancel us....?"

The finale of Ugly Betty will air on April 14th.

Paparazzi!: "Clash"mates

With girlfriend Natalie Mark by his side, Avatar star Sam Worthington ditches Pandora Monday for the premiere of his new film, Clash of the Titans, at the Empire Cinema in London's Leicester Square.

Sandra Bullock Has No Plans to Adopt Jesse James's Kids

Despite reports, Sandra Bullock isn't aiming to become a legal parent to her husband's three kids.

"There are no plans, nor have there ever been any plans, for Sandra Bullock to adopt any of Jesse James's children," her rep told People magazine.

James, 40, has been taking care of his kids Chandler, 15, and Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 6, from his two previous marriages, since news of his alleged infidelity broke days after his wife of four years won her first Oscar. Friends of the couple have said the children’s welfare is the priority for both Bullock and James as they cope with the crisis in their marriage.

To date, four women have claimed to have had affairs with James during his marriage.

Just before the first allegations from a tattoo model and stripper were made public, Bullock, 45, left the home she shared with James in Los Angeles. She has been keeping a low profile ever since.

New Release Tuesday!

Here is a listing of what's new this week on Blu-Ray, CD and DVD including Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong.

Afghan Star (D)
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (B/D)
An Education (B/D)
The Baader Meinhof Complex (B/D)
Collateral (B)
The Diary of Anne Frank (2010) (B)
House Broken (B)
I Sell the Dead (B/D)
The Killer (B)
Romeo and Juliet (B)
Sherlock Holmes (2009) (B/D)
Vampyres (B)

Alan Jackson - Freight Train
Amy Grant - Somewhere Down the Road
Barenaked Ladies - All in Good Time
Erykah Badu - New Amerykah, Part II: Return of the Ankh
Memphis: A New Musical (Original Broadway Cast)
Robin Williams - Weapons of Self Destruction
Usher - Raymond vs Raymond

The Abbott and Costello Show - Complete Series (D)
Celebrity Rehad with Dr. Drew - 3rd Season (D)
The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty - Mini-Series (D)
The Real Housewives of New Jersey - 1st Season (D)
Rhoda - 2nd Season (D)
Soul Train - The Best Of (D)
Sports Night - 1st Season (D)
Tean Mom - 1st Season (D)

(B) - Available on Blu-Ray
(D) - Available on DVD
(B/D) - Available on Blu-Ray & DVD

Farrah Fawcett's Executors Blast Outrageous Money Misuse Allegations

The executors of Farrah Fawcett's estate have slammed allegations of financial mismanagement, branding the accusations by producer/filmmaker Craig Nevius "outrageous".

Estate trustee Richard B. Francis sued Nevius in January, claiming he "sensationalised" the Charlie's Angels star's story in "amateurish" footage he produced for a documentary about her illness.

In the legal papers, Nevius is accused of seeking "misplaced revenge" when Fawcett rejected his work, by revealing private and personal information about the actress, giving out footage without her consent and embezzling cash from the trust she set up for the film.

Nevius denied the claims, insisting he enjoyed a cordial working relationship with Fawcett before her death last June after a battle with anal cancer.

He recently filed his response to Francis' lawsuit, alleging the legal action itself is a misuse of Fawcett's funds and accusing executors of withholding cash from the tragic star's beneficiaries, including her elderly father.

The suit goes on to takes aim at Fawcett's longtime partner Ryan O'Neal and the actress' best friend Alana Stewart, who filmed the footage for Farrah's Story, the show which documented her losing her fight against the disease.

Nevius alleges Stewart took advantage of her relationship with Fawcett to boost sales of her book about life with the star.

But attorneys for Fawcett's estate have slammed Nevius' claims.

Howard Weitzman, who also represents O'Neal, Stewart and Francis, tells the Associated Press: "I've read Mr. Nevius' response to our complaint which I think contains spurious and outrageous allegations. I'm confident the truth will all come out during the course of the litigation."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ricky Martin Reveals: I Am a Fortunate Homosexual

After years of sidestepping questions about his sexual orientation, singer Ricky Martin reveals in a heartfelt posting online that he is gay.

"I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man," Martin, 38, said Monday on "I am very blessed to be who I am."

He said his twin sons, who turn 2 in August, inspired him to be true to himself.

"To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids were born with," Martin writes. "These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn't even know existed."

Martin has said fatherhood changed his life for the better. "I'm so happy!" he said in a December 2008 interview after his sons were born. "Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing. Being a father feels amazing. This has been the most spiritual moment in my life."

After Martin's announcement Monday, the Gay, Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation issued a statement in support of the singer.

"When someone like Ricky Martin comes out, hundreds of millions of people now have a cultural connection with an artist, a celebrity and, perhaps most importantly, a father who happens to be gay," said Jarrett Barrios, President of GLAAD. "His decision to model this kind of openness and honesty can lead to greater acceptance for countless gay people in U.S., in Latin America and worldwide."

Here is Ricky's Full Message:

"A few months ago I decided to write my memoirs, a project I knew was going to bring me closer to an amazing turning point in my life. From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time. Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside. Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And thisis something worth celebrating.

For many years, there has been only one place where I am in touch with my emotions fearlessly and that's the stage. Being on stage fills my soul in many ways, almost completely. It's my vice. The music, the lights and the roar of the audience are elements that make me feel capable of anything. This rush of adrenaline is incredibly addictive. I don't ever want to stop feeling these emotions. But it is serenity that brings me to where I'm at right now. An amazing emotional place of comprehension, reflection and enlightenment. At this moment I'm feeling the same freedom I usually feel only on stage, without a doubt, I need to share.

Many people told me: "Ricky it's not important", "it's not worth it", "all the years you've worked and everything you've built will collapse", "many people in the world are not ready to accept your truth, your reality, your nature". Because all this advice came from people who I love dearly, I decided to move on with my life not sharing with the world my entire truth. Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions.

If someone asked me today, "Ricky, what are you afraid of?" I would answer "the blood that runs through the streets of countries at war...child slavery, terrorism...the cynicism of some people in positions of power, the misinterpretation of faith." But fear of my truth? Not at all! On the contrary, It fills me with strength and courage. This is just what I need especially now that I am the father of two beautiful boys that are so full of light and who with their outlook teach me new things every day. To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment.

These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn't even know existed.

What will happen from now on? It doesn't matter. I can only focus on what's happening to me in this moment. The word "happiness" takes on a new meaning for me as of today. It has been a very intense process. Every word that I write in this letter is born out of love, acceptance, detachment and real contentment. Writing this is a solid step towards my inner peace and vital part of my evolution.

I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am."

-Ricky Martin

[Editor's Note: We're proud of Ricky and look forward to his ability to live an "open" lifetime with his partner.]

Is Lady Gaga the Next Michael Jackson?

Lady Gaga is definitely on fire right now -- with sold-out shows across the world, a huge fan following, crazy music videos, and an even crazier wardrobe -- so some might say she'll be one of those one-in-a-million performers who goes down in history in a big way, like Michael Jackson.

Gaga's producer Rodney Jerkins, who worked with her on her latest song "Telephone," which got about a billion views on the internet yesterday, said she reminds him of the late King of Pop, whom he worked with on the "Thriller" singers 2001 album Invincible.

Rodney told "We haven't seen an artist like Gaga in a long time - we haven't seen an artist that really has no fear. I remember Michael Jackson used to tell me he was crucified for doing Thriller, but he had to do what he felt was needed at that time. I'm just happy to be part of history.

I've always wanted to leave my stamp on music, and to be able to say that I worked with Michael Jackson and now I'm working with Lady Gaga, who'll probably go down in history as one of the best female entertainers of all time ."

He also talked about how he found the initial task of marrying together the "street" sound which Beyonce, who sings a verse of "Telephone," wanted with the disco theme the rest of the track has.

Rodney explained: "When I got on the phone with Beyonce, she was telling me she wanted her verses to have a hood, street element, and I actually was caught off-guard. I wondered, 'How am I going to do that? How am I going to make a disco/techno record and create a hood, street anthem vibe for her verse?' But once I got to the studio, it just kind of came to me."

Idol’s Paige Miles Still Wants to Make It in Music

The powerful pipes of Paige Miles were laid low by laryngitis during her last few weeks on American Idol, and understandably the 24-year-old pre-school teacher from Naples, Florida, now based in Houston, was disappointed to be on the other side of the Top 10. Miles spoke to People magazine about friendships, the future and how to soothe a very sore throat.

Last week, Lacey Brown spoke of her deep friendship with you. What can you tell us about your bond?
You’re going to make me cry! We actually just got off the phone a little bit ago. Lacey is just an amazing person and we bonded immediately. We became roommates after making Top 24 and we were roommates until she left last week. She is just a genuinely caring and sweet person and just so honest and loving and we both are girls who are very devoted to our families and had a lot of things in common. We both teach programs at our churches. We just connected on the fact that it was okay to be a good girl! We never broke curfew, we were always hanging out and having good time. We are actually thinking about getting an apartment together in L.A.!

So that means you will continue with a music career?
Yes, I want to continue to pursue a music career and see where it takes me. I want to do pop-rock-soul, a mix of Tina Turner and maybe Christina Aguilera. I like all styles of music but I’m definitely more comfortable with that kind of rock-y soul.

But Tina Turner rocks some very high heels and you did not seem to like those shoes.
No more heels like that, absolutely not! But I definitely will experiment with fashion more.

Is there a sense of freedom to explore now outside of Idol?
Hmm. I would say yes and no because going on tour, you would learn so much of that process.

So it was tough knowing the judges already decided you were not going to be saved before you sang your swan song?
Yes, I initially thought the save was something that even if they’re not going to use it, you get the opportunity to at least sing for it, and then they make their decision, but for the statement to be made before I opened my mouth, I was pretty bummed.

You had a terrible case of laryngitis!
I’ve been struggling with laryngitis for over three weeks now. I have swollen vocal cords, and there’s a lot of inflammation and with us singing and rehearsing as much as we do, I had very little time for it to heal. So it would basically get a little better, then I would have to sing again, and it would get worse again. So it’s tough when you’re in a singing competition and you have no voice, so that was a bummer. And that affected my song choice at times because I would kind of stay away from what I would typically do, like big … tunes like “All Right Now,” which I love and I am super-comfortable at, and I would kind of shy away and try to do something smaller in efforts to not, like, overtax my chords or so something where I could possibly damage them.

What have you been doing to soothe your throat?
Throat Coat Tea! I have high blood pressure so I can’t take a lot of different throat lozenges because they have salt in them. So really tea is the only remedy for me. Even sore throat medicines and over-the-counter decongestants raise my blood pressure, so I kind of have to naturally go through it.

Madonna Sets Up Film Role for Daughter, Lourdes

Madonna is helping her daughter Lourdes make it in the movies - the Queen of Pop has reportedly offered the wannabe actress a small role in her upcoming film about late British royal King Edward VIII.

The Material Girl is stepping behind the camera to direct a historical drama based on the former king, who abdicated in 1936 so he could marry twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson - a move that rocked the British monarchy.

And it seems the singer wants to make her second directorial venture a family affair - she has arranged for her 13-year-old offspring to make a cameo appearance in the period drama.

A source tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "She's arranged for a small role for Lourdes. It's not a significant part but it will give her a good taste of life in the movie business. Lourdes has made it clear she wants some kind of career in the entertainment industry and her mum is more than happy to help.

"She's already an incredible dancer thanks to years of classes and she's also been having singing training."

Madonna has previously refused to allow her daughter to step into the limelight - she banned the teen from appearing in a Harry Potter movie after she was offered a role as a Hogwarts student by movie bosses.

Ace Young Happy to Get Naked on Stage

Former American Idol finalist Ace Young may be used to performing in front of a live audience, but now he's doing it eight times a week completely naked!

"It's so freeing," the Colorado native says of Hair's infamous group nude scene.

Young, 29, premiered with fellow former Idol Diana DeGarmo in the Broadway musical earlier this month. "If I could walk down 42nd Street with a bar of soap and let the rain clean me, I would," he says. "I'm comfortable with my body."

To build stamina for his role as Berger, Young tacked early-morning sprints onto his regular weight-lifting routine. But he's less concerned with his diet: "I can really eat anything because the show is such a workout," he says of the pastrami sandwiches, burgers and two gallons of water he's been putting down each day. "I've even dipped back into eating Funyuns and Doritos," he admits.

In fact, after rehearsing six days a week for eight hours a day, the high-energy show is officially open and Young says, "I'm in the best shape of my life."

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler Take a Cozy Parisian Cruise

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are embracing the joie de vivre that Paris has to offer.

In town to promote The Bounty Hunter, the costars enjoyed a private river cruise on the Seine Saturday evening. Though the single stars have denied romance rumors, a source said they looked as friendly and flirty as ever on their boat ride. "They were very close," the source says. "They really warmed up the room."

While a soft rain fell on the city, the stars and about 20 guests settled into wood-paneled grand salon on the top deck of the luxury charter yacht, ACTE III. Seated around a single long table, they dined on green salad and grilled chicken (for her) and lobster (for him). For dessert, they sipped champagne and enjoyed fresh berries.

Aniston arrived in Paris on Friday from Los Angeles, and dined that night at Ristorante La Stresa, a small exclusive eatery, where she bumped into Chinese actress Michelle Yeoh and French producer and director Luc Besson.

Butler arrived Saturday before the cruise, which took the stars past some of the City of Light's most famous landmarks, including the Place de la Concorde, the Seine bridges and the Statue of Liberty on the Ile des Cygnes, where the boat turned and headed toward the Eiffel Tower in time for its hourly lights display.

Aniston and Butler stayed close throughout the night, the source said, "hugging and touching each other" on the cruise, which docked later at the Quai d'Orsay.

With Sunday night scheduled for a Champs-Elysées red carpet premiere of their romantic comedy, the costars will then spend several days traveling across Europe.

Next stops: Berlin and Madrid.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Preview

Check out this 15-second preview of Christina Aguilera’s new single “Not Myself Tonight,” off her new album, Bionic, in stores on June 8th.

The 29-year-old songstress describes the album as a unique mix of many genres and styles of music, “I was able to explore and create a fresh, sexy feel using both electronic and organic elements with subject matter ranging from playful to introspective. I am so excited for my fans to hear the new sound. It is something I don’t think anyone will expect.”

Check back on Tuesday night for the premiere of “Not Myself Tonight!”

FOX Cancels Kiefer Sutherland's 24!

After eight seasons, Fox has decided to cancel 24!

Series star Kiefer Sutherland reflected on the show’s run: “This has been the role of a lifetime, and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible. While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted 24 to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon. This feels like the culmination of all our efforts from the writers to the actors to our fantastic crew and everyone at Fox. Looking ahead to the future, [executive producer and showrunner] Howard Gordon and I are excited about the opportunity to create the feature film version of 24. But when all is said and done, it is the loyal worldwide fan base that made it possible for me to have the experience of playing the role of Jack Bauer, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Gordon told Variety, “Kiefer and me and the writers had (a decision to make). What’s the creative? What do we do? Is there any more story left to be told in this 24-hour format? We turned over every stone, and really determined that the story has come to an end in this 24-hour format.”

24 regular Mary Lynn Rajskub confirmed the news, tweeting, “Just found out we got the word officially. This is 24’s last season.”

The final two-hour episode will air May 24.

Kelly Ripa: "I Love Me Some Gay Men"

I have been a dear fan of Kelly Ripa since her days as Hayley Vaughan Santos on All My Children, and I love her even more after her recent interview with Brandon Voss for The Advocate, where she talks about her love for gay men. Here is a portion of the interview:

The Advocate: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with The Advocate.
Kelly Ripa: Oh, please, it’s my pleasure. I’m a fan.

How did you become involved with the Point Foundation?
I literally got an e-mail from them saying, “We’d love to have you cohost the Point Honors benefit with your friend Andy Cohen.” I was like, “Are you serious?” Because I’m not good at that stuff. I know I host a talk show, but I get so nervous when I stand in front of people who didn’t line up specifically to come to our studio. I feel like you have to be funny at award shows, but Andy was like, “No, we’re going have fun!” And once I realized what’s at stake, I really wanted to get involved. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know anything about this cause, but it’s a worthy organization and I’m thrilled that they would even consider me.

The Point Foundation aids LGBT teens who’ve been cut off by their parents or left behind by the school system because of their sexual orientation. As a mother, does this particular cause strike a personal chord?
It most certainly does. Being a kid is hard enough when you do feel accepted and safe in your environment. A kid’s school is like their job, so home is a sanctuary where you can feel protected from anything that goes wrong during the day. Imagine if everybody at school made you feel like there’s something wrong with you, and then you came home for reassurance and your parents told you there’s something wrong with you too. I can’t imagine the alienation, isolation, and loneliness that would build in a person. There are so many smart, brilliant kids out there who aren’t going to get an education because their parents kick them out of the house.

Have you and your husband, Mark Consuelos, ever given any thought to how you’d personally respond to having a gay child?
Mark and I both feel fortunate that we’ve spent our entire adult lives in New York City, where we work, live, and play with some of the best and brightest gay and lesbian people in and outside of the industry — people I’m honored to call my friends and family. So we’ve never gone, “What would we do?” To us, our children are a gift, we’re lucky to have them, and they’re born how they’re born, so it wouldn’t even be a discussion in our house. And they go to a very progressive school with great examples of what all different families look like, so I’m very thankful.

When did you first become aware of your gay fan base?
When I read your request for this interview. [Laughs] I guess I don’t really think about it, but I love me some gay men — I’m not gonna lie. I love men in general, so if they’re gay, it’s just a bonus. I do feel the love from the gay community. When my son’s second-grade teacher went to a Halloween party downtown a few years ago, he said that there were a bunch of gay men there doing a dance called “The Kelly Ripa,” where they were just, like, model-walking and fanning each other. I was like, “Really? That’s incredible!”

You can read the entire interview at the Advocate.

And we cannot end this article without sharing with you a picture of her gorgeous husband, Mark Consuelos, from his early years as a "stripper".

Paparazzi!: Like Mother, Like Daughter

After catching an earlier showing of Fela!, Madonna and daughter Lourdes pair up to catch another performance of the Broadway musical in New York City on Thursday.

Mamma-Mia! ABBA Offer Hope to New Generation of Fans with Reunion Hint

They have always maintained that they would never re-form and famously turned down $1 billion to tour again, but ABBA have given a new generation of fans hope of seeing the band perform live.

For the Mamma Mia! devotees who have come to the band’s music nearly 30 years after they split, tribute bands and YouTube clips of the Swedish foursome in satin and spandex seemed the closest they could get.

But in an interview with the UK-based, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, the male half of the Swedish group, offer a beguiling change of tone.

Asked if they would consider an intimate one-off performance — perhaps with an orchestra — that could be beamed around the world, Andersson said: “Yeah, why not?”

He added: “I don’t know if the girls sing anything any more. I know Frida [Anni-Frid Lyngstad] was in the studio.” Then a little later: “It’s not a bad idea, actually.”

Ulvaeus threw in a reference to the Super Trouper album’s last song. “We could sing The Way Old Folks Do,” he said. The pair's comments may offer little more than a glimmer of hope, but they are in contrast to previous statements by the band members, who split in 1982.

Only two years ago Ulvaeus said: “We will never appear on stage again. There is simply no motivation to regroup. Money is not a factor and we would like people to remember us as we were — young, exuberant, full of energy and ambition.

“I remember Robert Plant saying Led Zeppelin were a cover band now because they cover all their own stuff. I think that hit the nail on the head.”

Andersson has also previously derided talk of a reunion. “We’d need a good reason to re-form and I just don’t see one. We could never recreate the old days. I’d rather be remembered for the way we were 30 years ago,” he said.

ABBA have enjoyed a renaissance. One in four British households owns the DVD of a film version of the Mamma Mia!, the musical inspired by their works. They have sold 370 million records, and sell about three million each year.

This year AbbaWorld, an attraction based on the careers of Ulvaeus and Andersson and their female bandmates Agnetha Fältskog and Lyngstad, opened at Earls Court, in West London. Visitors pay £22 for an adult ticket to see costumes that the band wore in 1974 on their way to winning the Eurovision Song Contest, and have the chance to wear a silver jumpsuit and sing and dance with holograms of the band.

Ulvaeus and Andersson are promoting their new musical, Kristina, which opens at the Royal Albert Hall on April 14th. The production is based on a 2,000-page epic by the Swedish novelist Vilhelm Moberg, but has been changed for an English audience.

Ulvaeus said: “We’ve cut the play down from three hours down to two hours . . . And, also, I approached Herbert Kretzmer, who did Les Misérables, to translate the lyrics into English.”

ABBA are thought to have sung together only once since they split. In 2003 they joined in a rendition of a Swedish happy-birthday song at the 50th birthday party of Gorel Hanser, Ulvaeus and Andersson’s manager, in front of about 150 guests.

In 2000 they turned down a $1 billion deal to reunite for a 100-date tour. At the time Ulvaeus said: “This is the budget of a small country so we had to give it some thought. In the end we decided that, whatever offer was on the table, it would be stupid to re-form and utterly ludicrous to change the images people all over the world have of us.”

It remains to be seen whether the female members would be interested in a reunion. Fältskog lived as a recluse on a remote Swedish island, saying that she hated fame, while Lyngstad married a German nobleman and is a princess.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Marie Osmond to Remarry?

Could this be true? Just weeks after the death of Marie Osmond's son, Michael, reports are surfacing that she'll soon be remarrying her former husband...but it's not with Michael's dad, Brian Blosil.

According to sources, Osmond and her former hubby, basketball player Stephen Craig, are considering marriage again.

Their first marriage ended back in the late '80s after just three years.

According to one insider: "Stephen helped Marie pull through (after Michael's death)… He asked her to marry him and she's accepted. The truth is Marie never stopped loving him. I think they were just too young when they first hooked up… The timing just wasn't right. Now it seems to be."

Happy 66th Birthday to Diana Ross!

The supreme diva turns 66 years old today and thank God she is still going strong – and getting ready to tour again!

Diana Ross is a superstar and has been for more than 45 years. Not very many people can say that unless their name is Cher, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand, Mick Jagger or Tina Turner.

This is an exclusive group can still sell out stadiums in the year 2010 just as they could back in the 60s.

Including her work with The Supremes, Diana has released 67 albums but has dramatically cut back her output since the early 90s with just four new albums in the past 20 years. Her 2006 release, I Love You, was her biggest hit since 1984’s Swept Away.

I hope she records again soon – the voice is still in excellent shape.

Happy Birthday to "The Boss", Diana Ross!

Lynda Carter Backs Sandra Bullock for Wonder Woman Role

Original Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter has slammed reports she branded Sandra Bullock "too old" to play the superhero siren in a big screen remake - insisting the Oscar winner would be "great" in the role.

A host of A-list ladies have been tipped to take over from Carter, who starred in the 1970s TV show, in Joss Whedon's movie revival, including Megan Fox, Eliza Dushku and Beyonce Knowles.

But when Bullock was suggested for the lead, Carter was rumored to have slated The Blind Side actress - insisting a younger star should take on the action role.

But Carter is adamant she never made the comments - and would love to see Bullock front the film.

Speaking on TV show Good Morning L.A., she says, "There was an idea that Sandra Bullock should play Wonder Woman and I think it's a great idea. She's exactly the kind of a personality and somehow it got messed around that I had said she was too old. That's nonsense, it wasn't true. She's strong and feminine. And Wonder Woman has to be accessible."

Thursday, March 25, 2010

More True Blood Coming Soon!

HBO has just announced the return of True Blood. The third season commences on June 13th. I can't wait to watch what's in store for Bill, Sookie, and the rest of the clan.

Christina Aguilera: 'Bionic' Album Drops on June 8th

Christina Aguilera’s energetic new single “Not Myself Tonight”, will premiere on at 6:00 pm (ET) on Tuesday, March 30th.

The album, Bionic, features songs co-written by Christina along with collaborations including Sia, Tricky Stewart, Polow Da Don, Le Tigre, Hill & Switch, and Ladytron among others. There’s even a ballad produced and written by Linda Perry titled “Lift Me Up”.

Christina notes, “Working on this album with so many talented artists and producers that I admire was really an amazing experience. The artists I chose to work with added so many unique sonic layers to Bionic. My intention was to step into their world and what they do combined with my own vision and sound. The results were magic.” Magical!

Paige Miles is the Second to Go Home on Idol

She was in the bottom two last week when Lacey Brown went home, and last night she and Tim Urban were consigned to the bottom three before 9:30 p.m. Her version of “Against All Odds” was, by even the most conservative reckoning, the worst song of Tuesday night, possibly of the season — and maybe even ever.

Paige Miles just lost her grip. The judges said they sensed she no longer had her heart in competing. And yet her voice had real musicality to it — and muscle too.

Simon hinted in the past that she might be worth the Judges’ Save, as it’s called. But last night he completely ruled out that option. At the start of the season, he told her, she “genuinely had a great voice.” Now she’ll have to go back and figure how to rebuild a singing career. If she’d lasted into the top 10, she’d have secured the big boost from the Idol tour.

The evening’s one surprise was that Katie Stevens landed in the bottom three instead of Andrew Garcia. She’d been improving: Her cover of Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” was her most consistent performance so far, while Andrew has been struggling to please the judges. Simon more or less wrote him off after his Tuesday performance of “Heard It Through the Grapevine.”

Was Andrew rescued by pity points? What did Katie do that displeased voters?

At the start of the hour she said her father is so unnerved by the results show that he flees the theater rather than watch. If that’s the case, last night he must have buried himself under a mound of pillows and blankets.

Most likely, next week Tim Urban will wind up in the bottom two again. He’s started sliding down into that Funnel of Doom. But at least he’ll get to go on the tour.

Siobhan Magnus admitted that she may have overused that shriek — gee, you think? — but only because she knew it was effective and could help propel her into the top 10.

Otherwise, throughout the hour Simon had a strange, faraway look in his eyes. Was he bored or thinking about his next show, The X Factor?

Miley Cyrus bowed her head and stormily whipped her hair around while singing “When I Look at You,” which meant she wasn’t looking at us at all. Then Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sang “Make a Wave.”

Next week: A night of R&B soul with Usher as the mentor.

Inside Sandra Bullock's Betrayal

In the wake of a scandal that has rocked her marriage, Sandra Bullock is quietly determining her next move, say friends.

Stunned by revelations that her husband Jesse James cheated with tattoo model Michelle McGee, Bullock "needs time to grieve and process what has happened," a close friend told People magazine in its new cover story, on newsstands Friday.

The friend says Bullock, 45, learned of her husband's betrayal just eight days after her triumphant March 7 Oscar win.

"Her family was everything to her," adds the friend.

Another pal told People that while Bullock completely trusted James, 40, he could show another side of himself when she wasn’t with him. "Jesse is such a chameleon," says this pal.

According to a source close to James, the motorcycle mogul hopes to salvage his marriage and is currently focused on caring for his three children: Chandler, 15, Jesse Jr., 12, and Sunny, 6.

"He's trying to keep the lives of the children normal," says the James source.

For much more on this story, pick up the new issue of People magazine, on newsstands Friday.

Reality Sweethearts Jeff and Jordan: The Amazing Race Made Us Stronger

After falling for each other in the Big Brother house last summer, salesman Jeff Schroeder, 31, and salon receptionist Jordan Lloyd, 22, decided to take their new relationship for a test drive around the world on The Amazing Race. While they didn’t win any money this time around, the couple agree the experience gave them new tools to make their long-distance (he’s in Chicago. Illinois; she’s in Charlotte, North Carolina) relationship last.

So sad to see you guys go as you never ceased to entertain.
Jeff: At least we accomplished something.

Much of the entertainment value came from Jordan’s ditsy moments — the granddaddy of them all being confusing Noah’s Arc and Joan of Arc.
Jordan: I was like, “I don’t want to watch this episode because I know they’re gonna show that stupid thing I said about Joan.” If I ever learned about her, that was a long time ago and I’d forgotten. Racing, you’re not always thinking straight and the first thing that came to my head when I heard Arc was Noah and animals. It made me feel better when Caite said the same thing. At least I wasn’t the only one.

Where did you go wrong? Biggest misstep?
Jordan: Directions. It was cold. We didn’t communicate well with each other. The whole cab ride in Germany really threw us off for the next two legs. That guy took us probably 40 minutes out of the way and put us so far behind. It just went downhill from there.
Jeff: That really messed with our heads. It’s hard to play catch-up.

It must be hard to swallow when bad luck — or even worse, bad directions — are to blame for your elimination.
Jeff: If you can’t trust a tourist office, who should you get directions from? But one hand washes the other. When something good happens in life, usually something bad happens. We got sent on some unfortunate cab rides and got some bad directions, but we also got saved by a non-elimination [round] and a U-turn. We should have been off the show two weeks earlier. Not winning wasn’t the worst thing ever. We had a great time doing the show. We learned a lot about each other and doing the show made us a stronger couple.

Glad to hear you guys are still dating. Many contestants who have known each other much longer weren’t so lucky.
Jordan: The Race helped us learn more about each other. A lot of things I didn’t understand about Jeff going in, I understand now. Like sometimes I felt he was yelling at me because he was raising his voice. I kept telling him, “Lower your tone with me.” I learned that’s just Jeff being competitive. I thought it was going to make or break us. It just made us stronger.

Jeff, is it fair that people accused Jordan of holding you back?
Jeff: I was worried about that going in and sometimes she could have tried a little harder, but I was also too competitive. It kept me from communicating well with Jordan. I was trained in sales and she was never in sports so she doesn’t share my way of thinking. I dealt with her like a coach would a player, but that’s not the way to do it with her. You have to talk a little softer and understand where she’s coming from. But we learned from it. She turned it up a level and I toned it down a little and that’s going to help us throughout life.

Is this it for you guys and reality TV or is there another show you’re hoping to get on?
Jeff: I think people are getting tired of us and need a break, so we’re going back to our regular lives. We loved every minute of our 15 minutes of fame and I’m sure we’re gonna miss it, so I would never say never.

Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet Tour" DVD/CD

The wait is over! If you did not have the opportunity to experience Madonna's "Stick & Sweet Tour" live (I did!), you will now be able to watch it at home.

The DVD/CD will be released on April 6th in the US (and on March 30th across the world).

I Want to Hear from You!

So I want to get a better idea on how often my blog is viewed, therefore please take a minute to complete this poll. Thanks.

Glee Returning with a Madonna Episode

Glee, the phenomenal television hit, returns on April 13th with plenty of new episodes including one featuring Madonna's music. Here's a clip of the Glee commercial with the cast performing "Like a Prayer."

“Glee” Star Matthew Morrison Asserts His Heterosexuality in Elle

Sure, Matthew Morrison is a Broadway veteran who grew up singing and dancing but that doesn’t mean that he’s gay.

Still, the handsome Glee star did not feel the need to clarify that he is straight until he was pretty much cornered by a writer late last year during an interview for Elle magazine.

“That was, like, the worst interview I’ve ever done, and it kind of turned me off from doing interviews completely, because that guy was such a dick,” Morrison revealed to Zap2it. “It just turned into like a verbal sparring match and I was trying to be polite to him, but just right off the bat he came out with all these crazy accusations and stuff. So I was like, ‘Ok, buddy… .’ I was completely caught off-guard.”

Here is the exchange from that interview:

Elle: So, Matt, you’re a musical theater star who’s been interviewed by The Advocate and much discussed on, and you star in Glee, a program that’s referred to as “the gayest show on TV.” You must feel particularly proud being the first gay man to grace this page.
Morrison: I’m not gay.

Elle: I had indeed read in various places that you’re straight, but in light of the circumstantial evidence, I wasn’t sure.
Morrison: I grew up singing and dancing, so people have been calling me gay since fifth grade. I’ve heard everything you could possibly hear about it. But I do love gay people, so I’m not going to act like I was insulted or angry about it.

You can read the rest of the interview on Elle.

Happy Birthday to Elton John!

The pop music icon and AIDS activist turns 63 today and he is still going strong!

Sir Elton Hercules John, was born on March 25, 1947 as Reginald Kenneth Dwight. He changed his name in 1972.

In his four-decade career, John has sold more than 250 million records,making him one of the most successful artists of all time.

His single "Candle in the Wind 1997" sold over 37 million copies, becoming the best selling single of all time.

He has more than 50 Top 40 hits, including seven consecutive No. 1 U.S. albums, 56 Top 40 singles, 16 Top 10, four No. 2 hits, and nine No. 1 hits.

Elton has won five Grammy awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Tony Award.

In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him Number 49 on its list of the 100 greatest artists of all time.

Elton John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. He has been heavily involved in the fight against AIDS since the late 1980s, and was knighted in 1998.

He entered into a civil partnership with David Furnish on December 2005 and continues to be a champion for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender social movements.

In 2008, Billboard magazine ranked him as the most successful male solo artist on "The Billboard Hot 100 Top All-Time Artists" (Third overall, behind only The Beatles and Madonna).

Happy Birthday to the legendary Elton John!

Jake Gyllenhaal Taunted Over Heath Ledger's Death

Reports are going around that Jake Gyllenhaal was involved in a scuffle over Heath Ledger in Montreal over the weekend. The truth appears to be that Gyllenhaal had a blogger from DrunkenStepfather thrown out of a bar after the blogger harassed him, saying "Isn't that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?"

The blogger claims: "An innocent comment….that apparently he couldn’t take…so he took his acting class lessons seriously as he started screaming at chanelled the birthday he didn’t get the red bike-in my face like a role he rehearsed…he started throwing his hands in the air all while saying things like 'get the fuck out here' and 'I will break you' flailing his arms around like he meant business….but it was really a fucking joke… I laughed but the bouncers didn’t so I got escorted out after I had to pay my bill…the girl I was with was stuck inside where Gyllanhaal decided to take out his anger on her….by pushing her into the table at least once before his crew held him back….. Maybe these people aren’t used to being teased and everyone around them sucks up to them…so here he was shoving her against the table, hurting her, making her cry before his crew of handlers pulled him off her…"

E! Online clears it up: "Jake was definitely at the restaurant Saturday night (he's a regular there) as was the blogger. Main discrepancy here? We're told by sources who were present that the blogger in question said, 'Hey isn't that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?' prompting Jake to yell to the bouncers 'get these guys out of my face.' The instigator and his crew were then thrown out. We originally read this blog post yesterday, where the site definitely had 'killed' not 'kissed' up until it was later changed. The post actually backs up this supposed kill claim by ranting in the item that if Jake was Ledger's friend, he probably would have been there for him in his low point."

Madonna Heads Back to the UK

Madonna moved from London to New York after divorcing Guy Ritchie in 2008, but now she's on her way back across the pond. The singer is returning to London for six months over the summer while she directs her new movie W.E., which is about late British monarch King Edward VIII’s decision to abdicate the throne for his American lover Wallis Simpson.

A source said: "Madonna has rediscovered her interest in Britain. She's going to be filming her new movie about Wallis Simpson in London so it made sense for her to move back.”

The 51-year-old American star will be bringing her four children -- Lourdes, 13, Rocco, nine, Mercy, five, and four-year-old David -- with her, which is something her ex-husband is very happy about.

The source continued to The Sun newspaper: "Guy is hoping the move will be permanent for his sake with the kids. He is desperate to get the kids over here and be able to see them more often. Rocco is so excited about it."

Madonna, who has reportedly signed up Scottish actor Ewan McGregor and actresses Abbie Cornish and Vera Farmiga for the movie, previously claimed she fell out of love with the UK because she couldn't stand being referred to as "Madge," her British nickname.

She said: "That's one of the reasons I left England -- so I don't have to hear the word 'Madge' any more. Some people say 'Madge' is a colloquialism for a boring middle-aged housewife. And other people say it's short for Majesty."

Sandra Bullock Not Giving Jesse Another Chance

Sandra Bullock has reportedly told friends that since her husband of five years, Jesse James, cheated on her with tattoo model Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee, she can't trust him enough to give him another chance.

A friend told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper: "Sandy has decided there's no way their relationship can be fixed. Once the trust is gone, there's nothing left."

Sandra is also said to be distraught at being apart from Jesse's six-year old daughter from a previous relationship, Sunny, and another source claims she may seek custody of her if she divorces him.

A source stated: "Sandra is going to go ahead and file for divorce and she is also wanting to get custody of Mr. James' young daughter. Her lawyers are telling her that there is a possibility that she could get custody since the child's mother is unfit and Jesse is an adulterer. She wants that little girl and is ready to fight to get her."

Sunny has lived with Jesse and Sandra since her biological mother, adult film star Janine Lindemulder, was jailed for tax evasion in December 2008. Janine has since battled to regain custody of Sunny.

Jesse also has two other children from a previous marriage. Sandra, 45, left the home she shared with Jesse over a week ago and friends have said she is "devastated" by her husband's behavior.

Motorcycle builder Jesse has meanwhile spoken publicly about the allegations and admits he deserves "everything bad" which may come from his "bad judgement".

"There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me," he said in a written statement. "It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way."

Gerard Butler Goes Commando!

Gerard Butler shares on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he sometimes goes commando!

Ellen first asks, “I am on a quest for World Domination and you wearing a kilt and if it had something to do with me that would me wonderful. Now, sometimes you don’t wear underwear under things like that, right?”

The 40-year-old Scottish hunk responds yes and then Ellen gifts him with a kilt and “Watch Ellen” boxers. Haha!

Jesse James Offered Playgirl Cash

Sandra Bullock's estranged husband Jesse James has been offered a lucrative deal to bare all for Playgirl magazine.

The reality TV star, who is in the middle of a cheating scandal, has been offered $500,000 to strip for the saucy women's magazine.

And publication spokesman Daniel Nardicio hopes James will agree - so women readers can see the package that earned him the nickname 'Vanilla Gorilla'.

The TV mechanic's former mistress, Michelle McGee, has revealed she called him by the pet name because James was so well endowed.

Nardicio tells Life & Style magazine, "We'd want him to pose in a Coney Island freak show setting. It would be a whole circus-themed shoot, complete with tattooed women and sword swallowers!"

James was forced to apologise to Bullock and his family last week after McGee came forward with allegations she had been intimate with the TV star while the actress was on location shooting The Blind Side.

Lady Gaga: Why I Passed Out Three Times

Days after crumpling to the floor during a New Zealand concert, Lady Gaga explained her alarming performance.

"I was so jet lagged," she told the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O on Friday. "I passed out about three times on stage that night but I got myself to the floor. I'd rather die on stage than walk off because I was going to pass out."

This isn't the first time that Gaga's whirlwind rise to superstardom has taken its toll. Back in January, she was forced to cancel several shows, citing exhaustion.

One source fears that the pop star is suffering from the stress of her staggering fame. "She's on the verge of tipping," says the source. "She's only human."

Still, the singer insisted on the radio show that she's feeling "completely rejuvenated and excited."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chris Evans Lands "Captain America" Role

After a well-publicized casting process that has at times included names such as Channing Tatum, Chace Crawford and even Office star John Krasinski, it looks like Marvel studios has finally settled on the new face of Captain America. Chris Evans, who played the Human Torch in both Fantastic 4 movies, has been chosen to play the iconic role in the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America.

Casting the part of the Cap was complicated by Marvel's insistence at an extended contract that included a provision that the chosen actor make himself available for up to nine movies. Rumors have run rampant about who would play Captain America since Marvel announced the movie on the heels of the succes of Iron Man.

After the Captain America movie and an upcoming Thor movie, the studio is planning to bring Thor, Cap, Iron Man and the Hulk together for the first time in what is hoped to be an epic-scale adaptation of one of its best-known franchises, The Avengers.

Chris Evans will have a large role in another upcoming comic book adaptation, The Losers, where he'll play one of several special operatives who must clear their names as they fight back against the CIA.

Boy George Eyes Culture Club Reunion

Will ’80s band Culture Club ever re-form? “We’ll see,” says frontman Boy George.

Boy George, who has struggled with addiction and several run-ins with the law in recent years, has revealed that the the “Karma Chameleon” stars may reunite as they prepare to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2011.

“I think we could do a one-off gig or maybe a small tour,” he told BBC 5 Live. “It’s our 30th anniversary next year so we may do something. We’ll see,” he continued. “It’s all about my mood at the time.”

The band briefly reunited in 1998 and staged a 20th anniversary concert in 2002 at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Christina Aguilera is One Sexy Devil on New Single

Christina Aguilera is releasing a new single, "Not Myself Tonight," from her forthcoming album "Bionic" due out this year – and as a teaser she's released the sexy new art for the single.

In the black and white image, Aguilera, 29, is dressed in dominatrix gear with devil horns and tail drawn in.

She officially announced the news of her new single on Tuesday at noon on her Web site, promising more information in the next two days.

In January, she revealed that that she'd finished work on her new album.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bo Bice Cuts His Long Locks

On American Idol, Bo Bice was known for his rockin’ covers, mellow mood and, of course, extra-long locks.

But with a new album, 3, due out May 18th — not to mention three young sons at home — the singer has decided to change things up a bit with newly shoulder-length locks. “I have a new project with a new style of music, incorporating more country elements,” he said in a recent interview.

“With all these new aspects going on in my career, it was just another thing that I felt needed a bit of change.” So Bice chopped his lengthy hair, cutting off five inches recently.

And that’s not his first cut, having previously chopped off 10 inches a little bit before that, donating the hair to Locks of Love.

Bo explains of the two cuts, “It was a gradual change for this long-haired countryboy.” For fans who worry the haircut signifies major changes for the singer, fear not; he assures that it’s just “new music, new look,” but the “same Bo Bice.”

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian One Year Later

One year later and they're still going strong!

It was last March when LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian first made headlines for stepping out together, and this March they are vacationing in Mexico – the hand-holding lovebirds even took along the family.

On March 12th, the singer and the CSI: Miami hunk headed to Mexico by private jet for a getaway with Cibrian's two young sons Jake, 2, and Mason, 6. "They had a great time vacationing with Eddie's sons," says a source. "They seemed focused on just spending some fun beach time together. LeAnn looked great with the boys and played with them in the sand."

But the pair, who vacationed in Mexico together last year, also made time for each other. "They had a friend help them with the boys so they could spend some alone time over margaritas," says the source.

In July, Cibrian, 36, split with model Brandi Glanville, and Rimes, 27, separated from songwriter Dean Sheremet, and both couples have since filed for divorce.