Monday, May 31, 2010

Paparazzi!: A "Hugh" Salute

He's sexy and an all-around nice guy! Hugh Jackman poses for photos with members of the United States Marine Corps Friday during Fleet Week in New York.

Shrek Stomps All Over Sex At U.S. Box Office

Shrek Forever After has slain the girls from Sex And The City 2 to score a second week at number one in the battle of the U.S. box office.

The animated 3D movie reigned supreme with takings of $43.3 million, beating Sex and the City 2's opening gross of $32.1 million, based on ticket sales over the three-day weekend.

The romantic comedy, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, grossed an extra $14.2 million from midnight screenings on Wednesday night and showings on Thursday to bring its total up to $46.3 million.

However, the additional sales are not included in the chart tallies for America's Memorial Day weekend and the grand total still falls short of the $56.8 million the original debuted with in 2008.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Disney action/adventure Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time enters at three with $30.1 million, while Iron Man 2 slips to fourth position and Robin Hood rounds out the new top five at five.

True Blood's Ryan Kwanten Gives Cast Nudity Advice

Vampires, maenads, telepaths, shapeshifters — even the Fellowship of the Sun.

As True Blood‘s oft-shirtless — and ever clueless — resident mortal hunk Jason Stackhouse, Ryan Kwanten has just about seen it all –- and he’s done it without having to worry much about a wardrobe. But as the third season of the HBO hit series gears up for it’s June 13th premiere, Sookie’s older brother can breathe a slight sigh of relief (and maybe let himself go a bit) as the rest of the cast will be doing the bulk of the flesh-baring.

“I’ve passed the nudity mantel,” Kwanten said at Ubisoft’s launch of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. “Some of the others cast members have taken on the throne.”

And a sometimes chilly throne it is.

But even as it appears that the chiseled 33-year-old has momentarily relinquished his role as most likely to do a nude scene, the Aussie has found himself quickly filling an even more specific niche.

“I seem to be the go-to guy for any kind of nudity advice on the show because I came out of the gates pretty strong,” he says, chuckling.

His advice for the fellow Bon Temps players getting ready to bare it all?

“To tie the “modesty sock” on really tight,” Kwanten says, laughing, “because you don’t want that thing coming off, because there will be evidence of that forever.”

Idol's Top 10 Get Their Game On for Summer Tour

While American Idol winner Lee DeWyze and runner-up Crystal Bowersox bask in Season Nine’s finale afterglow, the remaining Top Eight Idols are enjoying a breather before a 51-city American Idols Live! Tour, which kicks off in Auburn Hills, Michigan, July 1st.

At a celebratory dinner at Gordon Ramsay at the London in West Hollywood, People Magazine joined Didi Benami, Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban, Siobhan Magnus, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche and Casey James to talk about the three-month road trip.

“Seeing America is going to be amazing,” says Lynche. “It’s going to be cool to see everybody’s hometown and I hope we have a chance to go see somebody’s haunts.” Adds Benami, “And seeing all of the people who have been supporting us the whole time. I am really looking forward to playing for all the fans that voted and getting the reaction we didn’t get in the studio.”

On a technical point, James says, “I’m looking forward to playing full songs! That’s really exciting for me because chopping songs into one and a half minutes takes the soul out of the songs.”

As for how they will occupy their downtime while on the road, Stevens says, “I offer Mad Libs!” Magnus has a bunch of DVDs, including the Are You Afraid of the Dark? series, one that she and Garcia bonded over. Benami will bring along her notebook and James will try to pare down the nine guitars he used throughout the Idol series to perhaps “six or seven” for the road.

Kelly says he will offer “Yoda wisdom,” but Lynche jokes, “Now that’s the Red Bull talking!” Lynche says, “I love to play road trip games like Six Degrees of Separation, naming all the states.” Benami asks how Six Degrees is played, and Lynche explains how you can take the names of two people within a genre, like movies, and then try to connect them within six places.

On the spot, James says, “Let’s do it!” And Lynche says, “Tom Cruise and Susan Sarandon, six steps or less.” Magnus says, “Well, Susan Sarandon was in Stepmom with Julia Roberts, and Julia Roberts has been in so much.” Lynche says, “Well Tom Cruise, what’s a big one he’s been in,” and Stevens says, “Jerry Maguire.” Lynche goes, “So who else is in that? Renee Zellweger. Renee…” And Magnus picks it up from there, “Renee Zellweger was in Bridget Jones’ Diary with Hugh Grant, who was in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts. Done!”

With recreation in hand, the next thing to settle are sleeping arrangements. “I’m looking forward to not listening to Big Mike snore on the bus,” Magnus says. James notes mock-solemnly, “That’s an issue.” The room erupts into laughter as Lynche blames congestion he got early on in the Top 24 to his fellow Idols’ penchants for setting the air conditioner at a really cold temperature. Then Garcia reveals that the first time he met James, who had gotten to the hotel room before Garcia, “he was just in a robe, and that was it. I thought, what is going on? I see this blond, golden hair…” James plays along. “I had the lighting just right!” Garcia volleys with, “A movie was playing…”

By this point, tears are streaming around the table and the laughter is contagious. “Oh, boy,” Lynche says. “This will be fun!”

Céline Dion Is Pregnant – with Twins!

Céline Dion's dream to expand her family has come true.

The singer, 42, is pregnant with twins after undergoing her sixth in-vitro fertilization attempt and turning to acupuncture to improve her chances of a pregnancy, her rep Kim Jakwerth confirms.

Dion, mom to 9-year-old son René-Charles, is 14 weeks along. She will find out the gender of the twins next month.

"We're ecstatic," her husband/manager René Angelil told People Magazine. "Celine is just hoping for a healthy pregnancy. She was hoping for one baby and the news that we are having two is a double blessing."

Paparazzi!: Lady Monster

Lady Gaga shows off her latest crazy costume – perhaps a nod to Where the Wild Things Are? – during a concert in Nottingham, England, on Thursday.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Diff'rent Strokes Star Gary Coleman Dies at 42

Gary Coleman, who by age 11 had skyrocketed to become TV's brightest star but as an adult could never quite land on solid footing, has died after suffering a brain hemorrhage. He was 42.

Coleman died at 12:05 pm on Friday at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah, where he had been in a coma.

"He was removed from life support; soon thereafter, he passed quickly and peacefully," his manager John Alcantar says. "By Gary’s bedside were his wife and other close family members."

The actor suffered an intracranial hemorrhage at his Utah home on Wednesday night. On Thursday, he was "conscious and lucid," the hospital says in a statement, "but by early afternoon that same day, Mr. Coleman was slipping in and out of consciousness and his condition worsened."

Precocious Child

Despite congenital health problems which led to his never growing taller than 4'8," Coleman experienced a towering achievement at the start of his career.

As Arnold Jackson, the plucky Harlem boy adopted into a wealthy white household on Diff'rent Strokes from 1978-86 – with his much-mimicked catchphrase of, "What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" – Coleman was pulling down as much as $100,000 per episode, though it was later reported that three-quarters of the money ended up being shelled out to his parents, advisers, lawyers and the IRS.

At the pinnacle of his fame in 1979 People Magazine reported that Coleman had grown up in Zion, Illinois, north of Chicago, with nephritis, a potentially fatal kidney defect.

He underwent two transplants before the age of 14. At one stage in his life, he underwent dialysis four times a day in order to survive.

"The reason I survived is that I had a kidney that wouldn't give up," he once said. "Now I got a Greek kidney donated from a kid who was hit by a car."

"His talent," said his mother, Sue, "may be God's way of compensating him for what he's been through, and the fact that he'll never have the physical size of other boys."

Coleman's father, Willie, worked for a pharmaceutical company near Chicago, where Gary started modeling at age 5 after he wrote a brazen pitch letter to Montgomery Ward. (He could read at 3½.)

That led to commercials for McDonald's and Hallmark cards before producer Norman Lear cast him in a pilot remake of The Little Rascals, which didn't get picked up, en route to Diff'rent Strokes.

Troubled Lives

As has been chronicled, the three children on the series grew up into troubled lives. Dana Plato, 34, died of a drug overdose in 1999. (Plato's son, Tyler Lambert, never came to terms with his mother's death, and committed suicide on May 6, 2010. He was 25.)

The show's Willis, actor Todd Bridges, now 45, was first arrested in 1994 after allegedly ramming someone's car during an argument, He also has owned up to serious drug habit, which he struggled to beat.

By 1999, Coleman also faced troubles of his own. Long gone from Diff'rent Strokes, he had gone broke. His string of misadventures and humiliations included a bitter lawsuit that fractured his family, reports of erratic behavior (his father claimed Gary tried to run him over with a car during an argument in 1986) and a stint in 1998 as a security guard on a movie set.

All told, Coleman had amassed and lost an estimated $18 million fortune. Although he argued that his parents had a huge role in dissipating his wealth, he makes no apologies for having spent like a star. "I have lifestyle requirements," he said at the time. "Photos, meetings, lunches, dinners, facial care, tooth care. It requires an exorbitant amount of money."

Also in 1999, Coleman pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace after he punched a female autograph-seeker in California, for which he claimed self-defense. The previous year, he was again in the headlines, after allegedly hitting a pedestrian with his truck after arguing with him in a Salt Lake City bowling alley. In 2007, there was an incident involving a public argument with a female companion.

Married at 40

At times, there appeared to be turnarounds in his fortunes. In February 2008 – at the age of 40 – Coleman married for the first time. He'd met his bride, Shannon Price, on a movie set the previous August. She was 22.

Coleman admitted that Price was the first woman in his life. "I never got the opportunity to be romantic or feel romantic with anyone," he said. "I wasn't saving myself, she just happened to be the one.

Their relationship, they both admitted, was often rocky. "We may go a week and not speak to each other," he said, while she claimed, "He lets his anger conquer him sometimes … He throws things around, and sometimes he throws it in my direction." Still, they remained together, and Price survives him.

In recent months, Coleman suffered a series of medical problems. He had been admitted to hospitals three times this year: in January, for reasons that were not disclosed; in February, when he suffered a seizure on the set of TV's The Insider; and again on May 26.

"Thanks to everyone for their well wishing and support during this tragic time," his manager says. "Now that Gary has passed, we know he will be missed because of all the love and support shown in the past couple of days. Gary is now at peace and his memory will be kept in the hearts of those who were entertained by him throughout the years.”

Friday, May 28, 2010

Is Matt Lauer's Alleged Mistress Whitney Houston's Trans-Sister?

Last week the gossips alleged 52-year-old Today show host Matt Lauer was cheating on his wife with "Whitney Houston's singer-songwriter/producer step sister Alexis Houston." It's a juicy bit of gossip except that Whitney Houston's rep says that Alexis is in no way related to Whitney and both Lauer and Alexis have denied any sort of affair. There is one rumor that Alexis hasn't denied however—that she's transgender.

According to a Page Six source, Alexis was born Stuart Wellington and had "a sex-change surgery three years ago after a man fell in love with the cross-dressing singer and paid for the operation." Whitney Houston sued Alexis in 1996 for claiming to be her cousin, alleging Alexis used the false identity to defraud a New York doctor of $100,000.

(Neither Alexis nor her lawyer Gloria Allred commented on Alexis' alleged transgender identity or alleged fraudulent past during a press conference yesterday.)

It wouldn't be shocking is Alexis is trans. At least not have as shocking as all the press she's pulled piggybacking off of false rumors of bigger named celebrities.

Adam Lambert Clears Up Rumors: “I Was Never Asked to Appear on the [American Idol] Finale in any Capacity”

There was no Adam Lambert on Wednesday night’s bloated American Idol finale.

Guess it was more important to have The Bee Gees, Alice Cooper, Joe Crocker etc (and to let Janet Jackson sing TWO numbers) than to give the stage to one of the biggest stars the show has ever produced and one of the strongest mentors all season.

Adam knows there are all kinds of stories out there so he took to Twitter to clear them up. Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

1. HAHA. I have now just been made aware of more gossip and rumormill: First of all, i was never asked to appear on the finale in any capacity.

2. All i ever heard was:”you’ve not been asked to perform on finale.Would you l…ike to sit in the audience?” Me:sorry-Too much work to do today.

3. Sick of certain journalists and jealous people in the industry trying to stir up bullshit drama. Must not be getting laid. GET A LIFE! HAHA

4. sad that Im forced to defend myself bout situation no one pointing fingers knew any factual details about. Im working so hard on this tour!!

5. Would have loved 2 have been at the Idol Finale to wish Simon farewell and support the finalists, but this tour for my fans is my priority.

6. 2nd: I DID come down w a throat bug most likely caught on my flight back from this past weekends’ concert in Boston.

7. was put on vocal rest yesterday from MY show’s rehearsals which doubled the work 2 do 2day since all equip. had 2 be sent back east tonight.

8. …music programmer, band and dancers and created all day. I’m so excited to get to work w such an amazing team to bring my vision to life!

9. Im blessed 2 be so busy & thrilled to take my nearly SOLD OUT tour on the road promoting love, diversity, peace, bravery & pride.Oh n’ GLAM

10. and thanks for your words of support true fans! Dont worry, i just had to get it off my chest (publically) Im totally over it now.

Paparazzi!: Sweat Victory

They're both winners! Newly-crowned American Idol champ Lee DeWyze hangs with recovering rocker Bret Michaels, and this season's Celebrity Apprentice winner, who stopped by the show's emotionally charged season finale to perform "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with runner-up Casey James.

Soap Star Thom Bierdz gets Recognized in the Most Unlikely Places

Thom Bierdz, a talented actor, artist and author returned to Young and the Restless last year after a 20 year absence not only from the soap, but from acting.

His presumed dead character of Phillip Chancellor III resurfaced with a storyline that mirrored Tom’s life in one way: he was openly gay. Phillip went off to Australia but here’s hoping he will return to Genoa City soon!

Anyway, Tom’s return to the soap has made for some unusual encounters like the one he shared on Facebook yesterday:

It’s been ages since anyone recognized me in the grocery store, but everytime i get tested at the clinic for HIV, all the workers (even in the mobile units) ask me questions from “how many partners have you had in the past 6 months?”, “what kind of sex do you have?,” and then, “is phillip coming back to the young and the restless?” talk about feeling exposed LOL after another HIV negative result last night, I treated myself to french fries.

Ryan O'Neal Moving on from Farrah Fawcett Tragedy With Cheryl Tiegs

Actor Ryan O'Neal has found love with former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, almost a year after losing his longtime partner Farrah Fawcett to cancer.

The Love Story star, 69, reconnected with old pal Tiegs last June when they paid their last respects to the tragic Charlie's Angels star at her funeral. But their relationship soon took a romantic turn as the 62-year-old beauty comforted a grieving O'Neal and they are now an item.

The stars went public with the romance earlier this month when they attended the Hollywood launch of Raquel Welch's new book, Beyond the Cleavage, together at an event co-hosted by Fawcett's best friend, Alana Stewart.

An eyewitness tells the tabloid, "He had his arm around Cheryl's waist, and it was clear that they were very happy together. "They both are in their 60s and have been around the block - but they are thrilled to have found each other."

Fawcett died on June 25th after a battle with anal cancer.

Paparazzi!: Mad Hatter

Sarah Jessica Parker tops off a billowy dress from the late Alexander McQueen with a daring Philip Treacy hat at London's Sex and the City 2 premiere Thursday.

Lee DeWyze on Winning Idol: "This is Insane!"

Before celebrating his American Idol win with friends and family during an afterparty at Hollywood’s Sky Bar, season 9 champ Lee DeWyze revealed his shock to People Magazine.
I’m just taking it all in,” the Chicago-native said just after the big finale show. “Now I get to go make an album and tour. I can’t believe this right now. This is insane!”

Wrapped in emotion, tears came to DeWyze’s eyes when Ryan Seacrest announced he was the winner. “It hit me on stage because when you try out you imagine that happening,” says the singer, 24. “I appreciate every moment and thank fans so much for sticking with me through the ups and the downs of the season.”

Of his runner-up, Crystal Bowersox, DeWyze had nothing but praise for the mom from Elliston, Ohio. “I told her she deserves it as much as I do,” he says. “She’s going to do great things.”

But DeWyze admits he is relieved the competition is over. “It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders,” he says. “I’m not saying to myself, ‘What am I going to sing next week?’ ”

A moment you didn’t see on TV? DeWyze led the audience in a final round of applause for exiting judge Simon Cowell. “It was a bigger moment because of that for everybody,” he adds. “It was a night I will never forget.”

Paparazzi!: Cloning Around

Jake Gyllenhaal and his Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time action figure promote the new flick with a visit Thursday to CBS's The Early Show in New York.

Crystal Bowersox & Boyfriend Split Before Idol Finale

When Crystal Bowersox belted out a moving rendition of Patty Griffin‘s “Up to the Mountain” on the first night of the American Idol finale, the singer drew from her own raw emotions after what she says was a “hard morning.”

“[My boyfriend] Tony, he went home. He wasn’t cool with the lifestyle,” the Elliston, Ohio, native revealed Thursday morning on Ryan Seacrest‘s 102.7 KIIS-FM radio show.

The decision to break up just hours before the final performance night, Bowersox says, was completely mutual.

“We’re both logical, grown adults,” she said. “He’s a small town guy and it’s fine. But I’m a small town girl but I want this. I want this more than anything — this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it. He didn’t think he was up for it.”

Her boyfriend, Tony Kusian, 26, spoke with PEOPLE during Crystal’s hometown visit about life in Los Angeles, where Idol is produced. “It’s kind of tough at times but you get used to it and we’re all happy. Some days are more fun than others,” he said. “But it’s been hard to find friends out there. I want to keep it low key. I don’t need the attention.”
Though she’s “a little sad” they parted ways on one of the most pivotal moments of her Idol journey, Bowersox has no hard feelings. “He’s been amazing,” she says. “He stuck it out through this whole thing.”

Already a veteran in the business, judge Kara DioGuardi, who appeared with Bowersox on the radio show, offered some advice to the runner-up. “You have to do your music,” she her. “It’s not a choice for you. It’s what makes you whole. If somebody can’t hang with that — I’m sure he’s a lovely guy but right now this is your dream.”

And while she’s disappointed about the breakup, the even-keeled singer says she isn’t mad. In fact, she says, “We’re going to be friends for a long time.”

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Together We Are One - The Idol WInners

As a farewell to "Idol creater" Simon Cowell, seven of the eight Idol winners performed Together We are One. It was great to see Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks and Kris Allen perform, along with many of the other Idol finalists this tribute to Simon Cowell.

Missing in action was Idol winner David Cook who was involved in a prior charity engagement and was unable to attend.

We'll miss Simon!

Lady Gaga Loves Glee!

Hot on the heels of the Madonna episode, Glee paid tribute to Lady Gaga Tuesday, drawing praise from the often-imitated star.

“I love Glee,” the singer told Entertainment Weekly. “I went to a musical theatre school, and used to dream that someday the students would be singing my songs.”

Tuesday's episode saw New Directions do just that, when the club’s female vocalists — and Kurt — donned some of Gaga’s most memorable looks to rock the auditorium with “Bad Romance.”

But it was Rachel’s duet with Shelby of “Poker Face” that stole the show — a shared final moment between the mother-daughter pair after Shelby came clean about being unprepared for full-time motherhood.

And what did Broadway vet Idina Menzel think of tackling the showstopper?

“I don’t channel Lady Gaga,” Menzel told MTV. “I’m just in awe of Lady Gaga.”

Can American Idol Survive Without Simon Cowell?

Contestants come and go. The judges’ table has seen some turnover. But Simon Cowell‘s exit Wednesday after nine seasons of American Idol is clearly the most momentous change in the FOX talent show’s history. Where do they go from here?

Some wonder if the program, whose viewership dropped 9 percent this season, can succeed without its famously caustic judge.

“He’s the patriarch who rules with an iron fist, he’s the villain, he’s the dragon you have to slay to get to your fortune,” Katherine Meizel, a Bowling Green State professor and author of the forthcoming book Idolized, tells The New York Times. “Losing him, I think Idol might have lost the plot, literally.”

Jake Austen, the author of TV-a-Go-Go, about rock music on television, agrees that Cowell’s exit makes it seem like Idol is “in its death throes, despite it still being one of the highest-rated shows.”

For his part, Cowell, 50, seems impatient to get on with other things. While he told fellow judge Ellen DeGeneres this week that he’s feeling a bit sad, he’s also clearly excited for a change — telling Oprah Winfrey last week that he’s “on automatic pilot” a lot of the time. “I can’t hide it when I’m bored. I just can’t fake it,” he said.

There’s only one Simon, but it will be up to FOX to find the best replacement it can. Those rumored to be in the mix include Jamie Foxx, Elton John, Tommy Mottola and Harry Connick Jr.

Thankfully for the network, it’s been down this road before. Though perhaps not as crucial to the show as Cowell, Paula Abdul, who left after season 8, was an emotional focal point at the judges’ table. But FOX cushioned the blow of her exit with Kara DioGuardi, who joined for season 8, and Ellen DeGeneres, added for season 9.

Also working in FOX’s favor: the fact that Idol, while down slightly in the ratings, is still a hugely popular show. Thus, viewers are likely to at least give Cowell’s replacement a fair shake next season. “Is Idol aging?” FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly asked last week. “Maybe it is a little bit. I hope I look so good as I age.”

Who's This Year's American Idol? Crystal or Lee? We've Got Your Results!

After performing three songs each on Tuesday night, Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze participated in Idol‘s grand finale Wednesday, paying tribute to Simon Cowell on his last night on the show before finding out which one was the season 9 winner.

While Lee went into the final night of performances as a favorite, Crystal was the judges’ choice for all three rounds of songs.

But who did America vote for?

Lee DeWyze!

Even though his Tuesday-night performances weren’t as consistent or powerful as Crystal’s, the judges repeatedly remarked on an inching-forward that made Lee someone worth rooting for. Audiences saw that, too.

That just wasn’t quite the case with Crystal, who to her credit had a very good voice and a grounded stage personality.

Overall, as many frustrated fans of the show have already noted, it wasn’t a great season. The suspense of the title contest barely even heated up until the last few minutes of the show Wednesday night. (Ryan Seacrest said the voting had been tight leading up to the finale, but he made no allusion to how big a gap separated Lee and Crystal at the end.) What if it’d been, say, Siobhan Magnus versus Casey James?

Instead, the season’s musical highpoint was arguably Gen. Larry Platt‘s “Pants on the Ground.” Unfortunately, his performance of it Wednesday night was spoiled with the arrival of William Hung, who’s stuck in the unhappy role of Idol jester.

The night mattered chiefly as a farewell to Simon Cowell, kingpin of the judges’ panel. The finale repeatedly paused to salute him, and rightly so. A good deal of the celebration was tongue-in-cheek, tweaking him for his acerbic opinions, his rudeness and so on. Dane Cook sang a small song with lyrics extracted from Simon’s insults — a sort of miniature roastIt was so awful you wished thought balloons would appear above Simon’s head, full of toxic comments. Plus a "Kayne" moment occured during Dane's performance with Idol reject, Ian Bernando, hijacked the microphone and starting to "rap" that he was going to be Simon's replacement. NOT!

Finally, though, Paula Abdul was brought onstage — looking absolutely fantastic — and spoke of Simon with humor and affection. “American Idol’s not going to be the same without you … but it will go on,” she said, alluding as well to her own departure from the show. It was great to see Paula back on Idol, though it was short lived.

Then most of former winners (Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks and Kris Allen) came out singing, with the exception of David Cook who had a prior charity engagement, and it was all much more genuinely sentimental than you or Simon would ever have expected. “You guys are the judge of this show,” he said to the audience after Ryan called him onto the stage, “and you’ve done an incredible job.”

The guest artist who performed last night with the season 9 finalists included Chicago, Joe Cocker, Bret Michaels, Alanis Morissette, Christina Aguilera (with an incredible performance), Hall & Oates, the return of Barry & Robin Gibb (without their beloved brother Maurice Gibb) and beautiful Janet Jackson.

Over all it was great night, but not one of the best Idol's finale.

Congratulations to Lee DeWyze for a well deserving win!

Nicole Scherzinger: Winning Dancing With The Stars is Life-Changing

All season long, Nicole Scherzinger and her partner, Derek Hough, out-tangoed, out-quick stepped and out paso dobled the competition. During the Dancing With the Stars finale Tuesday night, the two earned the distinction of unanimous praise from all three of the judges, who called the pop singer the best dancer in the show’s history.

“I’m totally emotional,” Hough told People Magazine moments after the show ended. “Nicole and I burst out into tears backstage after our Argentine tango. We were so overwhelmed with how happy we were with what was going on tonight. Win, lose, draw we were going to be happy. But to win is phenomenal.”

“I’m kind of speechless right now,” confessed Scherzinger, who helped Hough earn his second mirror ball trophy (he captured the season six title with new co-host Brooke Burke). “I’m going to go into a room and cry. It’s not about the trophy. It’s beyond the trophy. The experience and the challenge and everything you go through — it’s a lot of life-changing experiences in three months and it’s just so intense.”

And the pair may work together again, Hough says, laughing. Scherzinger is working on a solo album and Hough “will be in the back in the videos wearing my lime green rhinestones,” she says.

Meanwhile, there were no hard feelings from talented runners-up Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya.

“We feel like we haven’t left anything on the table,” Lysacek said. “We all gave it our best shot, but Derek and Nicole were the best from day one. They inspired all of us and kept it going week after week and we’re very happy for them.”

ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews clung to partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy after the show, grateful for his friendship and support.

“I was a mess when I came here,” Andrews, the victim of a stalking scandal, said, her eyes welling with tears. “He was exactly what I needed.”

Like Lysacek, Andrews was thrilled to compete in the finale, and humbled by the experience.

“I am one of the best at what I do and you come into this and all of a sudden you’re not the best any more,” she said. “You just feel insecure, humbled, you’re getting criticized and corrected and it was a lot of medicine to swallow. And I had a lot to deal with off the ballroom floor. It was the perfect thing to happen to me.”

“And the season flew by,” Chmerkovskiy says. “It was blur, blur, blur. Scream, scream, loud noises, and the winner is Derek and Nicole! This did not feel like three months, it felt like three weeks.”

And, adds Lysacek, “I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Paparazzi!: Scoot Over

Who needs a cab? Apparently not Hugh Jackman, who hits the streets of New York City on a scooter Wednesday.

Meet the Guy Who Puts the Sexy in Sex and the City 2 - Noah Mills

In the series' grand tradition of introducing man candy to the world, Sex and the City 2 delivers another hunk in the form of model turned actor, Noah Mills.

You can even call him a supermodel: The Canadian-born Mills, 27, has been a fixture on the runways for years and is currently in campaigns for Michael Kors, Gap, Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger.

The movie opens today, but here's a sneak peek at Mills – five things you need to know about the new hottie in the city:

1. He got to keep his clothes on in the audition.
"I was surprised they didn't ask me to strip down," he says. Aware that much of his modeling work leaves little to the imagination, he adds, "I guess they could research that stuff."

2. He loves animals.
"As a child, I was always interested in animals," says Mills. If he weren't acting or modeling, he says he'd be out in the wild. "I always felt like working for National Geographic would be incredible."

3. He does indeed love the city.
He was born in Toronto and raised in Baltimore, but his new home of New York City is where his heart is. "I've had an intense history with New York," says Mills. "No matter how you change, you can find what you like there."

4. He has a thing for Penélope Cruz.
She's his dream costar. "I find her so attractive aesthetically and her vulnerability," says Mills. "I think she's a great actress."

5. He'd like to thank Kim Cattrall.
After a long day of shooting a scene with Mills – they'd started at 3 p.m. and were wrapping at 8 a.m. – Cattrall was told she wasn't needed to finish his shots. "She demanded to stay and read with me for my close-up. I'll never forget that," says Mills. "Kim was a great acting partner."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Won on the 10th "Dancing With The Stars"? We've Got Your Results.

After performing a sexy samba and a even sexier freestyle with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Monday night, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews found herself at the top of the leader board for the first time, tied with front-runners Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough.

An Olympian who has proved his worth in gold, Evan Lysacek, and his partner Anna Trebunskaya were close behind after the first night of competition on Dancing‘s two-night finale.

Tuesday night they danced again and two were eliminated, leaving one star the proud season 10 champ and owner of the coveted mirror ball trophy.

It’s Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger!

Lysacek was second and Andrews was third.

Scherzinger’s victory capped a banner year for the show. Not every program can top the ratings charts in its 10th season, but Dancing did just that, outdoing juggernaut American Idol several times thanks to a cast that included reality star Kate Gosselin, actress Pamela Anderson, pro football player Chad Ochocinco and Bachelor star Jake Pavelka.

There were the usual are-they-or-aren’t-they dating rumors that swirled around couples like Andrews and Chmerkovskiy, and Cheryl Burke and Ochocinco.

Not to mention plenty of off-the-dance-floor drama. Captured on tape were flaring tempers between pro Tony Dovolani and Gosselin, as well as tears from frustrated pros Chelsie Hightower and Trebunskaya. And no sooner had Andrews put the much-publicized peephole stalking incident behind her when another stalker surfaced and threatened her life.

But in the end it came down to talent, especially that of Pussycat Dolls vocalist Scherzinger, whom pro Jonathan Roberts calls “the best woman to ever be on the show,” and Olympic figure skating champ Lysacek, “the best guy to ever be on the show. In a way, it’s a tragedy that both Evan and Nicole were on the same season, because in any other given season either one of them would hands down be the winner.”

New Lady Gaga Video is a 'Celebration of Gay Love'

Flamboyant popstar Lady Gaga has said that the video for her new single 'Alejandro' is a "celebration and admiration of gay love."

Photographer Steven Klein filmed the video for the single, taken from Gaga's album The Fame Monster. Gaga said the key themes behind the promo were "the purity of my friendships with gay men and how I've been unable to find that with a straight man in my life."

Gaga, who was born Stefanie Germanotta and identifies as bisexual, added: "In the video I'm pining for the love of my gay friends – but they don't want me." In the sleevenotes to her debut 2008 album The Fame, she wrote: "You were the first heartbeat in this project, and your support and brilliance means the world to me. I will always fight for the gay community."

Christina Aguilera Postpones Summer Tour

If you were planning to see Christina Aguilera in concert in the next couple months, sorry to say your summer just got a little more boring: Christina just postponed her upcoming tour. The 20-date schedule has been bumped to next year, apparently because the singer-turned-actress is just too busy to tour. You know it's bad when work gets in the way of your, well, work,

"Christina Aguilera's summer tour has been moved to 2011 due to prior commitments that the singer had made to her film Burlesque and to the promotion of her new album Bionic," tour promoter Live Nation said in a statement via E! Online.

Even though it's a bummer, the songstress really just didn't want to disappoint fans by putting on a mediocre show. "The singer felt she needed more time to rehearse the show and less than a month between album release and tour date, this wasn't possible," said her spokeswoman.

Well, we say poor planning in the first place, but oh well. The tour was set to kick off July 15, and Bionic drops June 8. Stay tuned for dates for the 2011 tour, you know, if your calendar isn't already filled up.

Ellen DeGeneres to Start Her Own Record Label

Ellen DeGeneres is starting a record label!

The label, to be called eleveneleven, already has its first discovery: 12-year-old YouTube sensation Greyson Chance who first appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show two weeks ago.

The official announcement will be made today on Ellen’s talk show.

“Greyson … inspired me to start a record label called eleveneleven. He is my first artist and we are making a record together,” DeGeneres said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Chance is from Edmond, Oklahoma and was spotted by Ellen after posting a video of himself playing the piano and singing Lady Gaga’s hit song Paparazzi at a sixth grade music festival on the web. He was invited to appear on Ellen’s show on May 13th which sparked even more interest in him.

Chance, whose original video has been viewed more than 20 million times, has since posted two original compositions on YouTube — Stars and Broken Hearts. Chance already has other heavy hitters behind him: Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary and Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter.

Ellen will continue to use her show as a platform to find new artists whom she will sign to eleveneleven which is being set up in collaboration with Telepictures Productions.

Paparazzi!: The Fab Four

What a homecoming! Sarah Jessica Parker steps it up – sweeping into Sex and the City 2's New York premiere Monday with equally glam costars Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall. The film arrives in theaters tonight at Midnight.

Simon Cowell Predicts Who WIll Win Idol Tonight!

It’s down to the final two on American Idol, and the way Simon Cowell sees it, the dark horse has become the front-runner for the season-nine crown.

“If you’d asked me five or six weeks ago, 100 percent I would have said Crystal [Bowersox]. But now I’ve changed my mind. I think Lee [DeWyze] is going to win,” Cowell tells fellow judge Ellen DeGeneres in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Like many viewers across the country, Cowell, 50, is captivated by DeWyze’s story. “He’s worked in a paint shop,” he says. “He’s talented. He hasn’t had any real breaks in life, and this has given him a shot, and I like that.”

DeWyze and Bowersox, both 24, gave their final performances Tuesday night, with the finale set for tonight. That will also be Cowell’s last show after nine seasons on the FOX talent show. He has said he’s been bored lately, but now he says it’s bittersweet to be leaving.

“I am feeling a bit sad because we’re nearly there. But at the same time, do you remember that last three weeks when you were leaving school, and you kind of couldn’t wait to get out? It’s a little bit like that,” he says. “I’m not being ungrateful. I’ve had a fantastic time, and the show changed my life, but I just kind of knew it was time to do something different.”

DeGeneres tells Cowell she had “no idea” how much she would end up liking Cowell. He returns the compliment, and then clears up a lingering issue between them — that he announced he was leaving on Ellen’s first day on the show.

“I do actually feel guilty about that,” he says. “Two hours before your starting, I held a press conference to say, by the way, I’m leaving. Nice way for you to start.”

DeGeneres replies: “It was an interesting way to start, but you know, things happened the way they happened, and I really have enjoyed my time.”

“So have I,” says Cowell.

Jesse James Says Baby Louis Brought Him and Sandra Bullock Closer

Jesse James says he and Sandra Bullock were feeling closer than ever in their marriage, thanks to their new baby Louis, before everything exploded with revelations of his cheating.

"To see her in the role as mother is, like, one of the most amazing things I've ever seen," the motorcycle guru tells ABC's Nightline in an interview airing Tuesday. "She is like a fish to water. ... As soon as she put that baby into her hands, it was automatic and amazing."

He adds: "I found a new trust for her, like I knew she wasn't going to leave, and our relationship blossomed."

James, 41, and Bullock, 45, found out over Christmas that the adoption had gone through, and welcomed Louis, born in New Orleans, on New Year's Day. In March, James's infidelity scandal erupted.

James said seeing the People Magazine cover in April of his estranged wife holding up their son was a painful reminder that he was suddenly absent from the child's life. "It made me sad, but I realize why things have to be done in a certain way," he says, pointing out that adoption agencies could be critical of him as a father in light of recent events.

Asked why they adopted a black child, James says he "didn't care what color" the baby was. "My only prerequisite for adopting a baby: I want the baby that needs us the most."

Bullock had already been a stepmom to James's three children – daughters Chandler and Sunny and and son Jesse Jr.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paparazzi!: Top Gun

David Beckham gets a tutorial from a British soldier at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, where the English soccer star visited with his fellow countrymen serving in the region on Saturday.

Sean Hayes Named Host of This Year's Tonys

Current Promises, Promises Tony nominee and past Will & Grace Emmy winner Sean Hayes will host June 13's 64th annual Tony Awards ceremony, CBS – which will broadcast the show live from Radio City Music Hall – announced Monday.

The Tonys honor Broadway's best. This year's top nominees include the musicals Fela!" and La Cage aux Folles, with 11 nods each, and the revival of the drama Fences, starring Denzel Washington, with 10.

"I am absolutely thrilled to be hosting the Tony Awards," Hayes, 39, said in a statement. "As the new guy on Broadway, it's an honor to be included in the established alumni."

Hayes was also the subject of a controversial Newsweek essay on April 26, in which journalist Ramin Setoodeh suggested that gay actors (Hayes has recently come out) could not be believed in straight roles. The reaction was swift and severe.

Hayes's Promises costar, Kristin Chenoweth, led the charge, labeling Setoodeh's position "moronic."

All-Star Roster

Besides Hayes and Washington, other familiar names nominated for Tonys this season include Jude Law in Hamlet; Alfred Molina, in Red; Liev Schreiber in A View from the Bridge; Christopher Walken in A Behanding in Spokane; Kelsey Grammer in La Cage; Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury in A Little Night Music; Linda Lavin in Collected Stories; and Valerie Harper in Looped.

For a complete list of nominees, visit the Tonys website.

Tammy Etheridge Says Her Split with Melissa is Not Mutual or Amicable

Melissa Etheridge may have told Oprah Winfrey that her breakup with Tammy was "as mutual as those things can be," but the singer's former partner is now publicly disagreeing.

"I did not go anywhere, honey. And you and I both know it," the former Tammy Lynn Michaels, 35, wrote on her blog Thursday. She does not mention her ex by name, but refers to her "wife" in the post. "Please stop telling the press it was mutual."

In the post titled "no more censorship for me?", Tammy writes that her relationship with Etheridge, 48, "didn't work out. You evolved. You needed to be happy – but really you withdrew your hands from family and intimacy to pluck those strings more."

Referring to Etheridge's new album Fearless Love, Tammy writes that when she first heard the new music, she felt like it was a "break up album."

"You laughed and laughed," the post continues. "I heard [the song "Fearless Love"] and I got sick. 'That's your break up song with me' I said to you. You got so angry, with me, remember? And stomped off."

"My birthday rolled around, the holidays. And me and the twins sat right there waiting," she writes. "I saw you with your new friends. You wear them so well."

"I still love that damn woman so much. I'm still trying to stop," she adds. "I had a dream where honey and I were fighting and going to get a divorce and I woke up sobbing then I realized, oh, it's true."

"There is my truth as of today," Tammy writes at the end of the post, before signing off with "Home again. Home again. Feeling true. Feeling honest."

Melissa's rep could not be reached for comment.

2010 Drama Desk Awards unveiled: “La Cage Aux Folles” Wins Best Musical Revival

La Cage Aux Folles was named outstanding revival of a musical Sunday at the Drama Desk Awards while one of its stars, Douglas Hodge, won the lead actor in a musical revival prize beating out actor Nathan Lane (Addams Family) and Cheyenne Jackson (Finian’s Rainbow), among others.

Catherine Zeta-Jones (A Little Night Music) tied for the outstanding lead actress in a musical revival with Montego Glover (Memphis). Sondheim on Sondheim starring Vanessa Williams and Barbara Cook was named outstanding musical review.

Other winners include: John Logan, Red (outstanding play), Memphis (outstanding musical), A View From a Bridge and Fences (outstanding play – tie), Liev Schreiber (A View From a Bridge) was named best actor in a play and Jan Maxwell (The Royal Family) won best actress in a play.

For a full list of the winners, go to

Lady Gaga Tested for Lupus

Ever since she nearly collapsed on stage in March and had to cancel several shows earlier this year citing exhaustion, Lady Gaga has had pals worrying if she's on the verge of tipping.

And now the pop star's latest health scare probably isn't helping to alleviate those fears.

"I'm very connected to my aunt, Joanne, who died of lupus," she tells The Times of London. "It's a very personal thing."

When asked if she's been tested, Gaga, 24, says "yes," without elaborating on the results, adding that she doesn't "want anyone to be worried" even though the disease, in which the immune system attacks the body, can be genetic.

"I have heart palpitations and things. But it's okay. It's just from fatigue and other things," the singer, who said she fainted during her New Zealand concert because of jet lag, tells the U.K. newspaper.

Her most recent health emergency: "The other day," Gaga says about her time in Tokyo where she was "having trouble breathing."

After receiving "a little oxygen," the "Bad Romance" singer went back on stage. "I was okay," she says, again adding, "I don't want anyone to worry."

As for buzz about her thin body, Gaga wants to reassure fans that she doesn't "have an eating problem," but rather points to her busy schedule that doesn't allow her "very much time to eat."

"I really don't do drugs. I don't touch cocaine any more. I don't smoke," she says. "I take care of myself."

But don't expect her to slow down anytime soon.

"People say I should take a break," says the singer. "But I'm like, 'Why should I take a break? What do you want me to do? Go on vacation?"

Paparazzi!: Perfect Pitch

Decked out in the winning team’s jersey, Glee hunk Matthew Morrison knocks it out of the park with a rousing rendition of the national anthem at New York’s Citi Field on Sunday. The New York Mets triumphed over the New York Yankees, 5 to 3.

You can hear Matthew's performance below:

New Release Tuesday!

Here's a list of what's new on DVD, Blu-ray and CD today including the release of True Blood's second season on DVD starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell and Ryan Kwanten.

Dear John
Mystery Team
The Road
Tell Tale

Marc Anthony - Iconos
Sex And The City 2 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Smashing Pumpkins - Teargarden By Kaleidyscope Vol. 1: Songs For A Sailor
Stopne Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots
True Blood - Music From The HBO Original Series, Volume 2
Will Young - Leave Right Now

Flashpoint - 2nd Season
The Real Housewives of New York City - 1st & 2nd Seasons
Royal Pains - 1st Season
Top Chef Masters - 1st Season
True Blood - 2nd Season
The Virginians - 1st Season

Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: Season Finale Recap & Spoilers!

The 2.5-hour Lost series finale aired on Sunday night after six seasons and some 120 episodes later. It was one hell of a ride — especially the final five minutes!

WARNING: If you have DVRed the show, and have not yet watched it, then I suggest you stop reading right now!

- Jack becomes the new Jacob and protector of the island, the antagonist to the “Man in Black” / Smoke Monster in John Locke’s body
- Jack and “John Locke” go to the heart of the island / tunnel of light with Desmond - bc he is a weapon to the island’s magnetic existence. Desmond drains the light/heart of the island…and the island starts to sink.
- In order to make that parallel universe happen, Jack believes he must kill John Locke and save the island.
- Jack and John Locke have a showdown on the rock cliffs. As John Locke stabs Jack and is about to kill him, Kate shoots and kills him, and Jack kicks his body into the ocean.

In the Flash Sideways:

- Desmond is reuniting all the characters and is helping them remember their time on the island.
- Ben Linus is Alex’s teacher and mentor. Alex invites him to dinner where he shares a romantic connection with Alex’s mom, Danielle Rousseau.
- Desmond works for Charles Whitmore, and connects with Penny through the charity concert the Whitmores are planning.
- Hurley and Libby reconnect through Desmond, and Hurley begins to help Desmond reconnect everyone.
- Hurley and Boone help push Sayid and Shannon back together. Sayid and Shannon remember.
- Daniel Faraday connects with Charlotte at the charity concert event.
- Kate helps deliver Claire’s baby, Aaron - backstage at the Driveshaft / Daniel Faraday concert. They both remember.
- Charlie and Claire come together backstage. Charlie remembers.
- Jack and Juliet are both doctors in the same hospital, used to be married, and had a son together.
- Jin and Sun are pregnant. Juliet is their doctor. As Jin and Sun look at the sonogram, they both remember.
- Jack gives John Locke spinal surgery, it works, and Locke remembers.
- Sawyer and Juliet meet in the hospital. They both remember and reconnect in mutual tears of happiness.
- Jack goes to the charity party and runs into Kate. She looks familiar to him, but he only slightly remembers when Kate touches his face.

Back to the island:

- Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Miles, Richard Alpert, and Pilot Lapidus leave the island on the plane.
- Jack, Hurley, Desmond, and Ben Linus go back to the tunnel of light. Jack gives Hurley the responsibility of being protector of the island. Jack puts back the magnetic stone while Desmond is pulled out. Hurley asks Ben Linus to be his helper on the island.

Back to the Flash Sideways:

- All of the islanders meet back up at the church where Jack was supposed to have his father’s funeral.
Just outside the church, John Locke forgives Ben.
- Jack goes inside the church and remembers everything about the island when he touches his father’s coffin.
- When Jack opens the coffin, it is empty.
- His father is standing behind him. Jack figures out that he must’ve died himself. Jack’s father says everyone eventually dies “at some point, at some time”.
- All the characters “move on” to what seems to be heaven all together because they needed each other.
- The episode ends with Jack dying of the knife wound in the bamboo forest on the island. He is joined by Walt’s dog, Vincent and smiles as he watches the plane with Kate, Claire, Sawyer, and the other survivors flying away - and then he dies…at the exact place where the show started.

Paula Abdul: GOT TO DANCE Judge on CBS!

Paula Abdul will be a judge on the CBS dance competition series called GOT TO DANCE, which will likely air mid-season.

According to THR, the 47-year-old will serve as the lead judge, executive producer, creative partner, mentor and coach.

The competition series, which is based off of a U.K. reality show, is billed as the first all-ages all-genres dance series “from ballroom to break dance, bhangra to ballet, and tap to tango.”

This past August, Paula announced she was leaving American Idol after eight years.

GOT TO DANCE might compete directly against Idol, the first time that Simon Cowell won’t be judge.

“Glee” Gets Early Third Season Renewal!

Not a single scene has been shot of the second season of Glee and yet FOX has already renewed its phenomenal freshman hit for a third season, according to

It’s a vote of confidence that is well-earned for the Tuesday night show that has seen many of its episodes become instant classics.

Season-to-date, Glee is the No. 1 new scripted series among adults 18-49 and adults 18-34, and has averaged 9.4 million total viewers. During its spring telecasts, the musical dramedy averaged a 5.6/14 among 18-49 and 13.3 million viewers. It wraps its first season June 8.

“In just one year, Glee has transcended the television landscape and emerged as a global pop culture phenomenon,” said Peter Rice, the Fox Networks Group Entertainment Chairman, in a statement.

Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly added: “Everything about Glee – from the concept to the characters to the marketing – has been innovative and risky, but with [series creator] Ryan Murphy tapping into the zeitgeist, the risk has paid off with this truly remarkable series. Glee has one of the most active, devoted fan bases I’ve ever seen, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to give Gleeks a third season of their favorite show.”

Murphy also released a statement: “It’s been a whirlwind year – from shooting the pilot to performing at the White House to the concert tour that began last week – and yet we all feel like we’ve just begun this amazing musical journey. We think our Gleeks worldwide are going to love what we’ll have in store for them in seasons two and three.”