Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thomas Roberts: It Gets Better

To look at him now, a handsome and successful newsman, it would seem that Thomas Roberts has always had it all.

But in this very candid “It Gets Better” video, the MSNBC anchor talks about the pain he suffered as a kid who was molested by his parish priest – a pain so great that it drove him to attempt suicide when he was 15.

His sister found him and he talks about the pain he caused his family who rallied around him: “I saw first-hand the pain in their eyes and realized that suicide was not the answer.”

This experience, and his journey through it, puts the openly gay newsman in a very unique position to talk about being in such a dark place but surviving and gaining a perspective that is now most valuable when he shares it with others.

“I want you to think of yourself as a gathering storm,” he says in the video. “You’re going to gather your strength, you’re going to gather all the love that’s around you, you’re going to gather your confidence because the bullies out there in the world, they don’t matter. You’re going to gather your education and gather your dreams for a bright future.”

“You’ve got to know and believe that you are here for a purpose, I promise that you are – just the way you are.”

Well said Thomas! Check out his video:

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