Friday, December 10, 2010

Larry Hagman Takes A Romantic Stroll Down Wisteria Lane

Former Dallas star Larry Hagman is heading to Wisteria Lane - he's signed up to film a cameo appearance in Desperate Housewives, despite never having seen an episode of the hit show.

The veteran actor has confirmed he will play a love interest of Felicity Huffman's character's mum Stella Wingfield, played by Polly Bergen.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I just decided (to do it), and am going to shoot next week."

But Hagman admits he is clueless about the hit program - and is cramming in as many episodes as possible before he shoots his scenes: "I can watch a hundred episodes on my iPad. I never watch television, so I better get started so I can see what the show's all about."

Hagman's scenes will air next year.

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