Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A “Glee” Spoiler Regarding Kurt and Blaine!

It’s been a tough school year so far for our Kurt Hummel played by Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG award nominee Chris Colfer.

He’s been bullied by a closeted thug at school whose continued presence has so unnerved Kurt that the openly gay glee club member has transferred to a private school.

Okay, that’s enough background. If you don’t want to know about what is in store for Kurt in some future episodes, consider this to be your SPOILER ALERT!!!

So, we know that Kurt has fallen for a fellow gay student at his new school: Blaine played by hottie Darren Criss.

Colfer talked to TV Guide’s William Keck about the February 8th Valentine’s episode when Kurt and Blaine croon "When I Get You Alone" outside of a Gap store.

Keck reports that it is there that Blaine will profess his love.

Colfer hinted: “There might be a development.”

Let's hope the develop a lasting relationship on the show. Stay tuned for more!

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