Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Midseason TV Premieres: When to Look for Paula Abdul, Matthew Perry, & the New Idol Judges

Now that we don’t have Outlaw, My Generation, or The Whole Truth to pick on anymore, there is a whole new batch of shows that are about to battle for your attention on the broadcast networks.

Will ABC’s new comedy starring Matthew Perry attract more viewers than Courteney Cox was luring with Cougar Town? Will David E. Kelley bring his A-game to Harry’s Law on NBC? Will the new judges — and new timeslot — boost ratings for American Idol?

Here are the start dates for new and returning shows on the Big Four. (The CW has yet to announce any changes to its midseason lineup.)

Jan. 3
The Bachelor (season premiere, ABC)

Jan. 4
V (season premiere, ABC)
Live to Dance (series premiere, CBS)
The Biggest Loser: Couples (season premiere, NBC)

Jan. 6
Wipeout (season premiere, ABC)

Jan. 9
The Cape (series premiere, NBC)
Bob’s Burgers (series premiere, Fox)

Jan. 12
Off the Map (series premiere, ABC)

Jan. 17
Harry’s Law (series premiere, NBC)

Jan. 19
American Idol (season premiere, Fox)

Jan. 20
Parks and Recreation (season premiere, NBC)
Perfect Couples (series premiere, NBC)

Feb. 7
The Chicago Code (series premiere, Fox)

Feb. 8
Mixed Signals (series premiere, Fox)

Feb. 9
Mr. Sunshine (series premiere, ABC)

Feb. 16
Survivor (season premiere, CBS)

Feb. 28
The Event (show returns from hiatus, NBC)

March 6
Celebrity Apprentice (season premiere, NBC)

March 16
The Marriage Ref (season premiere, NBC)
America’s Next Great Restaurant (series premiere, NBC)

March 29
Body of Proof (series premiere, ABC)

April 6
Breaking In (series premiere, Fox)

April 12
Happy Endings (series premiere, ABC)

Descriptions for new shows:

The Chicago Code (formerly Ride-Along) is a new police drama from creator Shawn Ryan that stars Jason Clark (Brotherhood) and Jennifer Beals (Lie to Me).

Bob’s Burgers is a new animated comedy about a man, his family, and a burger joint.

Mixed Signals is a relationship comedy that stars David Denman (The Office), Nelson Franklin (I Love You, Man), and Kris Marshall (Human Target).

Breaking In (working title) is a workplace comedy based at a high-tech security firm.

Mr. Sunshine stars Matthew Perry as a self-absorbed manager of a San Diego sports arena.

Happy Endings features Elisha Cuthbert (24) as a gal who breaks up with her fiancée (Zach Knighton of FlashForward) on their wedding day.

Body of Proof stars Dana Delany as a neurosurgeon who’s forced to make a career change after a car accident prevents her from running to the emergency room.

Harry’s Law is a new legal drama starring Kathy Bates.

America’s Next Great Restaurant is an elimination competition in which the winner will earn his or her own restaurant chain.

The Cape is about a wrongly accused cop who dons a cape and mask to fight corruption.

Perfect Couples has been described as depicting “the misadventures of three engaging couples as they struggle to find out what makes the ideal relationship — and how to maintain it through humorous trial-and-error.”

Live to Dance is Paula Abdul’s new competition show that awards $500,000 to the top hoofer.

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