Friday, October 15, 2010

Tom Hardy an Early Pick for Next 'Batman' Movie

Sounds like Tom Hardy has snagged a spot in the already highly-anticipated third Batman movie from director Christopher Nolan. While the news has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros., Deadline reports that Nolan has picked Tom up for an unspecified lead role.

No news on whether that means he'll be facing off against Christian Bale, but it seems likely Tom would be brought in as the latest in a long line of dynamic villains created by Nolan. The actor's stock has been rising quickly ever since audiences responded to his supporting role in this summer's Nolan blockbuster Inception, and he's got three movies coming down the pike in 2011. He's also been slated to play the lead in a new Mad Max movie helmed by original director George Miller, but the project has hit a number of delays in pre-production.

While Internet rumors have mostly circled around the Riddler being Batman's nemesis in the third movie, Nolan is notoriously tight-lipped on such subjects. As for hints he's only said that he's not interested in using any characters with super powers. Nolan has been adamant that his Batman movies are set in a more realistic world where such powers don't exist.

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