Saturday, October 23, 2010

Phantom Sequel to Shut Temporarily for Changes

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom Of The Opera sequel is to shut down in London for four performances while the production undergoes a series of changes.

The theatre mogul launched Love Never Dies, the follow-up to his long-running musical hit, in the West End this spring and the show is set to be rolled out internationally next year, with productions planned for Broadway, as well as Australia and Canada.

Lloyd Webber has now decided to shut down the London show for four performances next month while new lyrics and choreography are added.

The musical impresario admits the changes were made for the show's upcoming incarnation in Sydney in May and he decided to incorporate them into the already-running London production.

He says in a statement, "Some changes were written up over the summer and destined for the Australian production and, as they make improvements to the show, we'd be mad not to put them into the (London production)."

The show will be closed between November 22nd to 25th.

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