Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bam Margera Caught Urinating on People

The new Jackass movie features one of the stunt gang's most risque pranks - Bam Margera agreed to urinate on friends' faces and film their reaction at close range with the use of a 'Weiner Cam'.

The fun-loving prankster thought it would be a giggle to take a small camera to his penis and then sneak up on unsuspecting pals and pee on them.

Margera felt sure the stunt would be axed from the final edit of Jackass 3-D - but the scenes were too funny to cut.

He tells Penthouse magazine, "It was kind of an experiment. It was a camera taped to my d**k and I was walking around, waiting to catch people in a deep conversation, then sneaking up behind them and peeing on their face. And it's all from the d**k's point of view.

"You can see this tan thing in the corner of the screen, and then all of a sudden p**s comes out, so you realise it's a d**k."

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