Tuesday, October 26, 2010

James Marsden Stars as a Shirtless Neighbor Who Distracts Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family

James Marden wearing clothes would be distracting enough!

The handsome star of such films as Enchantment, 27 Dresses, Hairspray, The Box and this year’s Death at a Funeral has been cast in a guest spot on Modern Family as a hunky neighbor of Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Fergerson).

According to TV Guide’s William Keck, Marsden’s “presence causes the boys’ temperatures to rise every time he whips off his shirt (think Matthew McConaughey in every paparazzi photo.) Wouldn’t it be fun if this eye candy role ended up being recurring?”

Marsden is a terrific actor who happens to be straight and is very appreciative of his gay fan base.

He played gay in the indie flicks Heights as a guy engaged to a women but having an affair with a gay man played by Jesse Bradford; and in the very intense The 24th Day opposite Scott Speedman. He played a guy who infected Speedman with the HIV virus during a one-night stand.

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