Monday, January 24, 2011

Adam Lambert: “I’m Going to Take My Time and Really Write the Most Personal Songs, the Most Powerful Songs.”

I know all you Adam Lambert fans are eagerly awaiting the singer’s follow-up album to For Your Entertainment.

Well rest assured that the Grammy nominee is doing a lot more than just growing his hair long these days.

Adam says he hopes to have a new CD out by the fall with a single hitting the airwaves by late summer.

But he is being thoughtful about what to record.

“…I’m going to take my time and really write the most personal songs, the most powerful songs,” Adam said. “I really want it to be something that’s really honest and real. … I’m starting to talk to some writers and come up with some ideas, and I’ll be writing a lot of it myself. It’s going to be very pop, very rock, maybe even a little dark.”

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