Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zachary Quinto's Gun Role Terrifies Locals

Zachary Quinto stunned diners in Los Angeles when he toted a gun as part of a comedy sketch - and his act was so convincing, terrified onlookers called the police.

The Star Trek actor was filming an upcoming skit for the Funny or Die website at L.A. bakery Kiss My Bundt.

But patrons weren't warned of the filming in advance - and were horrified to see the star with a gun, seemingly carrying out a real-life robbery.

Owner Chrysta Wilson tells E! Online, "When someone saw Zach hold up a real gun and scream, 'This is a goddamn hold up!' they called the police.

"Zachary is scary as hell. I was in the back, making batter, and he was running through the script. All I could hear was, 'Nobody f**king move!' He plays evil very well."

Quinto was so good in his role as a gun-toting robber, cops were called a second time as he re-shot the scene - so the actor and director Hank Nelken faced a race against time to get the spoof wrapped.

Wilson adds, "They knew if the cops were called again, the set was going to be shut down. They were whispering their lines in the alley. They knew they had to nail it on the last take."

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