Sunday, July 12, 2009

John Barrowman Loves Nude Sunbathing

Actor John Barrowman has a secret beauty regime - he likes sunbathing naked.

The Torchwood star insists stripping off in hot weather is "liberating", but only indulges his saucy hobby at the seaside - and he is always careful to use plenty of sunblock on the more sensitive areas of his body.

Speaking on U.K. TV show Loose Women, he says, "It's not so much about naturism, for me it's more nude sunbathing. I think nude sunbathing is fantastic. There is nothing more liberating than taking all your clothes off and lying in the sun... on the beach! I'm not going to go to a supermarket or go shopping!"

Asked if he has any tips to minimise risks, Barrowman replied: "Factor 45! Factor 50!"

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