Thursday, July 23, 2009

Naked Cowboy Launches Full-Frontal Campaign

No more beating around the bush. After a provocative whisper campaign, it's now official: The Naked Cowboy is a full-frontal candidate for mayor of New York City.

The uninhibited midtown Manhattan tourist fixture – who plucks his guitar and poses for photos while wearing only his jockey shorts, Western boots and a 10-gallon hat – is promising a platform "do more with less," he said at a Times Square press conference to declare his candidacy at noon Wednesday.

With what he is calling his "Naked Stimulus Package," the Cowboy – real name: Robert Burck, 38 – hopes to goose the city's small businesses with micro loans, tax holidays and other incentives, he says on his election Web site. He adds that he's willing to tighten his belt, even though he never wears one.

And while he isn't so bold as to declare a party affiliation, the Cowboy does say he supports higher taxes for the rich ("Stop whining and pay"), heightened security, better transportation and increased tourism.

He further vows to erect a Times Square Wedding Chapel and establish a billion dollar wedding business that will rival Las Vegas, according to his campaign materials, which also state, "As an ordained minister he'd love to marry all citizens of N.Y.C., not just the straight shooters."

At present, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, 67, is the mayor of New York City, and he is expected to run for an unprecedented third term

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