Monday, July 27, 2009

New Release Tuesday!

Here are the new releases on Blu-Ray, CD and DVD:

An American Affair (D)
Bart Got a Room (D)
Big Man Japan (D)
Dragonball Evolution (B/D)
Fast and Furious (B/D) (shown above)
Miss March (B/D)
Severed Ways (D)

Ashley Tisdale - Guilty Pleasure
Fabolous - Loso's
Kristinia DeBarge - Exposed (shown above)
Melinda Watts - People Get Ready

Battlestar Galactica - 4th Season & the Complete Series (B/D)
Charles in Charge - 4th Season (D)
Doctgor Who - Planet of the Dead (B/D)
Dollhouse - 1st Season (B/D)
The Donna Reed Show - 2nd Season (D)
Early Edition - 2nd Season (D)
The Judy Garland Show - Volume 1 (D) (shown above)
Knight Rider - 1st Season
Life on Mars - Complete Series (D)
The Spectacular Spider-Man - 1st Season (D)
Torchwood - Children of Earth & Complete 2nd Series (B/D)

(B) - Available in Blu-Ray
(D) - Available in DVD
(B/D) - Available in Blu-Ray & DVD

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