Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Brother’s Braden Defends His Attack on Lydia

As the first housemate evicted from Big Brother 11, California surfer Braden Bacha’s tenure in the house may not have lasted long, but he did manage to make some lasting impressions. His confrontation of Lydia, who he felt had betrayed him, was one for the books — and it led to a house-wide screaming match that left the remaining contestants split down the middle.

Here is the interview from Reagan Alexander of People:

You’re the first one out, which is exactly what you would call on honor. Were you surprised?
I’m not going to be pissed off about something I can’t do anything about. I’d rather be the first one out than the third or fourth one out. The sky’s the limit for me. It’s summertime and it’s my mom’s birthday next week. I have things to look forward to.

What was your downfall?
It’s called sabotage. Lydia and I were getting along great and she went behind my back to save her own ass. She went and told lies to Jessie and told the whole Jock crew that I was out to take them out and kill them.

Do you regret calling Lydia names?
Absolutely not. She’s gross-looking and she does weird things and she hangs out with old men and she’s tattooed from head-to-toe and I think she’s disgusting. I have no respect for her.

Kevin ran up to defend Lydia and you threw water on him. Do you regret that?
No. He’s flamboyantly gay and you can’t punch a gay guy, let alone push him. I just wanted him to get out of my face. It was like saying, “Shoo, button.”

You were trying to save yourself from being evicted. Was that the best strategy?
Absolutely not. At that point I was fed up with everything and I just felt, if I’m going to go out, I’m going out with a bang. And it worked. The whole house erupted all day long. I’m very proud of that. I did apologize for some of the words that I used … and they accepted my apology.

If they accepted your apology, why did Chima get up in the eviction pleas and call you a “bigot,” a “racist” and a “misogynist?”
She’s completely bipolar. She goes up and down all day long … She looks at you like she wants to kill you. She’s completely nuts.

Now that you know it was Ronnie who sold you out in the end, what are your feelings on the newest HOH?
People are going to realize that he totally blew the whole game for us. We had the whole strategy figured out and he blew it. He blew half the house’s plans, and people are going to get that it was Ronnie’s fault. And eventually they’ll go after him.

Who do you think is going to win Season 11?
I’d say Casey or Jeff. Casey is a teacher and he’s a genius who is smart and witty and on top of things and respectful. He’s neutral right now and he’s strategic. And Jeff, he’s a well-spoken man — like a governor. He holds himself very strong and he’s just a tight, all-around guy, so I think he has a chance.

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