Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Brother: Laura Calls Ronnie ‘Conniving and Malicious’

Laura Crosby seemed to have it all — looks, brains, and enough BB acumen to know to work behind the scenes. She had friends, a hidden alliance with the Athletes and was a welcome sight each time she hit the pool. In a twist, the buxom brunette ended up on the eviction block across from the harmless and popular Jordan.

Laura was so confident that she was going home, she cooked herself a last meal — pizza.

How did fortunes turn so quickly for the southern belle? Ronnie!

Laura spoke with People about missteps, who she thinks will walk away the winner and her role in taking down Ronnie the rat. Her'es what she had to say:

Let’s talk Ronnie. Describe him in three words.
Lying, conniving and malicious.

You seemed to have his number from the start. Where you shocked at how he’s manipulated the rest of the house?
Early on I was very vocal about not trusting him. Ronnie came into the house and by day three he was telling everyone how his wife wrote him a Dear John letter on their one-year anniversary because he played video games so much. He was such a gamer, I knew that he would never come into BB not knowing every little detail about it. I knew he had to be a crazy BB fan.

Do you think that his wife really exists?
I really didn’t think that Michelle existed! When I went up to the HOH room, I wanted to take that picture out of the damn frame and look to see if his face was glued on there. Everything that he told me was a lie except for the fact that he is married. That’s the only thing that he ever told me the truth about?

Why didn’t Ronnie put Russell up instead of you?
He sees nothing but the end, nothing but the prize. He did not look at me as a pretty girl; he did not look at me as a potential friend;; he looked at me as somebody that was standing in his way to $500 grand. He could tell that I knew a lot, that I could probably get to the other guys because of my looks and my physique, so he took me out quickly.

When you called Ronnie out, the house had never been so united. What led you to that desperate measure?
I was pissed, and I knew I was going down anyway, so I figured I should bring that stupid jackass down with me.

Do you think that you broke Ronnie’s spell?
There would be personal satisfaction if he was the next one to come out because of what I did. But there would also be some satisfaction if they didn’t listen to me, they leave him in and he wins. I would love that too.

What’s next for you?
After all of my interviews, they’ll open those doors and set me free. I’ll be in the real world again. I’m getting on a plane, heading back to Atlanta and looking forward to what happens next. I’ve been sequestered for a month, so I’m curious to see what happens when I get my phone back … A month isn’t that long, but it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Who do you think are the sleepers of the house, the people that are playing the game under the radar?
Natalie is playing the best game. She has Jessie under her thumb and there is not a person in the house that dislikes her. Even when she pops off, within ten minutes everyone likes her again. She has fooled everyone in the house and nobody knows that she knows as much about BB as she does. She’s a sleeper, but everyone just thinks that she’s this 18-year-old firecracker. Nobody knows the real depth that is Natalie.

Who else do you want to see up there as the final two?
I would love to see Jeff and Michele, only because I really don’t think that Jordan can do it.

Why Michele?
I really like Michele. I think that she’s really nice to everyone in the house and that she’s really genuine … even though she lied to me about being a doctor. She’s really is nice. She really made an effort to get to know me and she’s smart.

If the producers called you tomorrow and said they wanted you to go back in, would you do it?
In a second! I would love to do it again. When you’re in there, you have your highs and your lows and the negatives suck. But I’m such a fan, I would do it again in a second.

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