Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Karina Smirnoff Calls Fiancé Maksim Chmerkovskiy ‘Groomzilla’

They dance beautifully together, but planning the wedding may be tricky.

“He’s the groomzilla,” Karina Smirnoff says of fiancé and Dancing with the Stars costar Maksim Chmerkovskiy. “He wants a big wedding and I want it small, so we’re still in negotiations.”

Speaking at Animal Fair magazine’s 10th Annual Paws for Style fashion show sponsored by Svedka on Monday at M2 nightclub in New York, Chmerkovskiy’s bride-to-be explained his demands.

“He wants posh, beautiful … something that’s going to leave memories for the rest of your life,” says Smirnoff, who is costarring on Broadway with Chmerkovskiy in a three-week run of Burn The Floor before returning to Dancing with the Stars.

“I agree with him,” she adds, “but at the same time, I would rather have the memory be at the beach in Bora Bora [for our honeymoon], enjoying beautiful weather and clear water.”

But her “groomzilla” is not the only one making demands. “I told Max, I don’t want to dance,” Smirnoff said. “I do not want to have the first dance. But … he’s going to sing the song that I ask him to sing, which is ‘You Are So Beautiful’ by Joe Cocker. Granted, he may not really sound like Joe Cocker.”

Smirnoff also insists on a storybook gown. “Definitely white,” she said of her wedding dress. “You only supposed to get to wear a big white dress once in your life.”

As for her dream designer, Vera Wang, Smirnoff thinks she may have an in. “You know what the Internet rumor is, that she might be either coming to Dancing with the Stars . . . So I’m going to run up and say, ‘Please!’

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