Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Madonna's Ex to Auction Racy Phone Messages

Note to famous people: beware the photograph. beware the email, beware the text message, beware the voice mail recording. The people you love are not immune to the promise of money, and given the chance, they will probably sell you out.

Just a couple of weeks after a 1979 nude photograph of singer Madonna fetched nearly $40K at auction, more Madge memorabilia has hit the market. Madonna's ex-boyfriend, James Albright, has decided to sell about 17 minutes worth of "racy" phone messages the singer left him nearly 20 years ago.

Also up for grabs: 21 faxes exchanged between 1992 and 1994, and a 15-minute "very personal and intimate video" the singer prepared for her one-time love. See pictures of the fax messages here, and think carefully about breaking out the video camera if you ever plan to become famous.

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