Friday, July 10, 2009

Bruno Makes the Cover of OUT

So Bruno, the new Sacha Baron Cohen comedy, is finally coming out today. It feels like the movie has been out for months, based on all of the public appearances from Sacha throughout the world.

OUT magazine has an interview with Cohen in character as Bruno, the over-the-top gay Austrian fashion reporter. Here are a few questions and answers:

You are one of Austria’s top fashion reporters and now, with the release of your film, you’re about to become a global superstar. Where did it all begin?
Ich have alvays been incredibly fabulous — in ze first ultrasound picture ever taken of me in mein mutter’s womb, you can clearly see zat I’d taken ze umbilical cord und wrapped it round my waist with a knot at ze side, like a Marc Jacobs snakeskin serpentine belt.

So you always just knew that you would become Austrian Gay TV’s Brüno?
From ze minute I vas born, ich vas destined to be Brüno. Instead of drinking baby milk formula, ich used to snort ze powder. Most babies’ first vords are “mama” or “dada” — Brüno’s vere, “I’m gay­ — get über it.”

Let’s talk about the film. What do you hope audiences come away with?
If zey’re hot black guys, ich am hoping zat zey’ll come away upshtehen!

What does the movie say about fashion?
You know ze song zat says “it doesn’t matter vat you wear, just as long as you are zere”? Vell, mein movie says pretty much exactly ze opposite of zat. You know it makes me so angry, ze lack of respect fashion gets. Did you know zat not one world war has ever been started by a model? People should think about that.

Pick up the August 2009 issue of OUT for the complete Bruno interview.

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