Friday, July 10, 2009

Brüno Falls into Matt Lauer's Embrace

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Somehow, it just seemed pre-destined that Austrian fashionista Brüno would end up in Matt Lauer's arms.

The fateful contact took place Thursday during a free-wheeling Today show interview in which Sacha Baron Cohen's flamboyant alter ego, in his silver lamé jumpsuit, demanded a hug from the handsome morning host. Problem was, the segment (see video) had already faded to blackout before the moment could be shared with viewers.

The entire incident had been sparked by Lauer's informing Brüno that the Austrian Minister to Great Britain had called for a boycott of the film Brüno – which happens to open Friday. Apparently, the minister doesn't appreciate how the movie represents Austria.

"This is the first I'm hearing of this," said a teary-eyed Brüno, who declared it a private moment – and asked for a close-up.

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