Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kaboom;s Thomas Dekker Talks About Gay and Straight Love Scenes and Going Full-Frontal

Thomas Dekker stars in director Gregg Araki latest film Kaboom and chatted about some provocative topics with Next Magazine at the film’s New York premiere.

Dekker starred on Fox’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles and had also been on NBC’s Heroes.

He left Heroes and a role that was supposed to be gay. This gave the young actor and his reps a bad rap because it seemed to some that his departure from the show was a matter of him simply not wanting to play a gay role.

That certainly is not the case since his pansexual character in Kaboom sleeps with both men and women.

“I felt it was such an honor to play a role that was neither gay nor straight,” Dekker confided. “I hadn’t come across a feature script like that before.”

He is also not the least uptight about nudity.

“The movie opens with a full-frontal shot of me,” he said nonchalantly. “Honestly I don’t care about nudity or sex. I find it a lot harder to do those emotional scenes than ones merely involving vanity. If I could do every photo shoot and every scene naked, I would. It would be easier. People have less to judge when you’re naked.”

Dekker’s next role is a gay one: He plays Lance Loud, who broke ground as the openly gay son in in the 1973 reality series An American Family, in a new feature for HBO called Cinema Verite.

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